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Micky on Boom – Davy Show? – Nez Update – VH1 BTM in UK

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Boomerang channel is running 2 marathons of the animated show “Butch
Cassidy and the Sundance kids” today at 8pm EST and again tomorrow 8/25 at
4am EST. Micky Dolenz is the voice of one of the main characters.

This is a new cartoon channel that may not be on all cable and satellite
systems yet.


ed: is Michael Nesmiths’ Official Web Page/Store

From: “Videoranch Foreman”

Hi there,

Neffie here, with a bit of news from Videoranch! Just wanted to let you
know about a few new things we have available.

New Repo Man: It’s finally here! The Repo Man Special Edition DVDs and
VHS’. We are very excited about this new release of Repo Man. It’s been
digitally remastered and it sounds great. The Limited Edition DVD set comes
with the soundtrack on CD, and a little booklet of a Repo Man comic strip.
The DVD will play in both widescreen and formatted for television. The set
comes inside a tin that looks like a California license plate. Each tin is
numbered and we have some of the low ones so be sure and buy one before
they run out. They will not be made again. They’re $49.95. click here to

You can also get the regular VHS tape for $9.95, or the widescreen edition
on VHS for $14.95. Both VHS versions come in NTSC format only. The regular
Repo Man DVD is $24.95 and we should have them in any day now. The DVD’s
have region 1 encoding (US and Canada only).

KPIG Pick of the Week: You’ve probably heard about our affiliation with
KPIG (, Nez’ favorite radio station. We think the PIG DJs have
great taste in music (they do play Nez tunes all the time) so we asked
them to pick out some new music for us to pass on to you. KPIG Pick of the
Week. They’re mighty selective, so we’re not going to have a new pick
every week. Just the weeks when KPIG finds music they love. Like Todd
Snider’s new CD “Happy to be Here”, this week’s pick. We really like it,
and think you will too. It is $14.95, plus shipping. You can listen to a
couple of mp3 samples and purchase is by clicking here

Nez in Videoranch 3D: Nez had a good time hanging out in Videoranch 3D
last week with those of you who were in there at the same time. He’ll be
back in soon.

Videoranch Toll Free Number: Our new number is (866) PAPANEZ. Hate
acronyms? (866) 727-2639.

Asst. to Bubba Crutch
1807 2nd St. Unit #22
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(866) PAPA NEZ
(505) 988-3034


From: Rosario

I just e-mailed a contact person at Moraine Valley Community College to
inquire about the performance by Davy Jones on Jan. 27, 2001 as stated
in the Monkeesalert yesterday. states Davy is scheduled to perform on 1/27/01 but I was
just informed that no concert is scheduled!
This is the reply I received.

I’m sorry the information that David Jones will be performing at Moraine
Valley Community College is not correct. Look it up again, and see if
it is not somewhere else, at times we are confused with other area businesses.
Our address is 10900 S. 88th Avenue, Palos Hills, IL.

I called our box office at (708) 974-5500 to verify if there was an
entertainer by that name performing on January 27, 2001, and they have
nothing. If you wish, you could check in early December, but so far we
have nothing on David Jones.

Thank you,


From: “Curlewis, Samantha”

VH1’s acclaimed documentary series Behind The Music is to air the premiere
of ‘Behind The Music: The Monkees’ on VH1 UK on the 22nd October 2000 – a
must see for any die-hard Monkees fan!

behind the music:
the monkees – 22 oct 2200
The first boy band to be ‘invented’ or inspired as their creators preferred
to describe them, was The Monkees. Mickey Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter
Tork and Davy Jones all answered an advertisement in the Daily Variety and
on 12 September 1966. Soon after the first episode of The Monkees was aired
by NBC in the States and, despite low initial ratings, the show quickly
became hugely popular, a feat mirrored when it was launched in the UK.

Their singles Last Train To Clarksville and I’m A Believer both scored
number one smashes on both sides of the Atlantic. A million selling album
followed and The Monkees were confirmed as the latest teenage phenomenon.
But trouble was on the horizon as The Monkees were subjected to Beatles
comparisons and worse, it was revealed that they didn’t write or perform the
songs! Michael Nesmith in particular took this badly – he was an
accomplished musician and was frustrated that he was not allowed to play or
write their tracks. Instead the winning team of Neil Diamond, Carole King
and Jeff Barry were firmly ensconced!

The follow-up album More of The Monkees sold in excess of five million which
only exacerbated tension, but the band won reserved approval from their
bosses to complete several tracks under their own devices. Davy Jones was
coaxed to sing on the already-completed backing track to A Little Bit Me, A
Little Bit You which was issued, without the band’s approval, as their third
single. The ensuing altercation saw the band’s creator Don Kirshner
ousted, with the quartet gaining complete artistic freedom. Although not
issued as a single in the USA, Alternate Title, Mickey’s ambitious tribute
to London, reached number two in Britain, while two further 1967 singles,
Pleasant Valley Sunday and Daydream Believer, achieved gold record status.
Headquarters, the first Monkees album on which the band played, was a
commercial and artistic success, consisting largely of self-penned material.
However this proved to be a creative drain on the band which was no more
apparent than the disappointing The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees and its
accompanying single, Valleri. The track itself had been recorded in 1966,
and was only issued when pirate recordings, dubbed off-air from the
television series, attracted considerable airplay. ‘The Monkees are dead!’
declared an enraged Nesmith, yet the song sold over a million copies, the
band’s last such success.

In cahoots with Jack Nicholson, the sixties icons produced the out-there
psychedelic film, Head in 1968. It proved to be way above the understanding
of their teenage followers. A dispirited Peter Tork left following its
release. The remaining trio continued without him but their commercial
decline proved as spectacular as its ascendancy. It was a rag to riches to
rags story all within four years.

This Behind The Music explains how four hired hands actually learned how to
play by the rules, then fought for creative control in a high-stakes musical
mutiny and won. Along the way, they sold millions of records, became teen
idols, and ultimately learned to act like the international superstars they
had become. Insta-hipness didn’t last long, though, and a comeback attempt
several decades into the game closed the book once and for all. Here
Behind the Music tracks down the original players and discovers the story
behind the headlines that made The Monkees.

To purchase Monkees CD’s, Videos and Collectable rare items, visit

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