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Micky In UK Now!

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: “Bandsix”

Micky is in London for a few days from January 19th to promote the March UK
Monkees tour.

He will be appearing on BBC TV Breakfast show on Monday 21st at around
8.50am and on Channel 4 Richard & Judy show on Tuesday 22nd, from 5-6pm.

There are also a number of radio spots planned, some of which will go out
live from a studio in central London to regional stations all over England
and some will be pre-recorded for broadcast between now and March.

If anyone needs a complete list of the radio spots they can email Sue at
Band 6 UK for details.
“Magnolia Sue”
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: michelle traill

Hi all,
did anyone know that Micky is in England promoting the
tour? Here are some dates…

Monday 21st

TV – BBC Breakfast – interview live at around 8.50am.
The rest for today is radio:
Sun FM – Newcastle – interview with Jill Hope
BBC Nottingham – interview with Brian Tansley possibly
going out live at around 1.50pm
BBC Newcastle – interview with Julia Hankin – possibly
broadcasting around 2.10pm but this isn’t definite
BBC Sheffield – interview with Tony Capstick –
interview could be about 20 mins long and going out
around 3.10pm
BBCRadioLondon – interview with Gary Crowley evening
show – to be confirmed

Tuesday 22nd
BBC Radio Scotland – interview with Fred Macauley live
at around 9.30am
BBC Radio WM (Birmingham) – interview with Malcom Boyd
going out live around 12.30 lunchtime – approx 20
minute spot
BBC Northampton – live interview with Bernie Keith at
about 12.50 for 20 min spot
BBC Radio Cumbria – 20 min interview with Belinda
Artingsoll at around 1.30pm
BBC Radio 2 – live interview with Johnny Walker at
about 6.30pm – this one is to be a 30 minute spot

TV on Tuesday
Richard & Judy show – Channel 4 The programme runs
from 5pm. Micky’s slot will be either 5.20 or 5.50pm.

BBCGMR (Manchester) – pre-recorded interview with Phil
Wood in the Breakfast show Tuesday 22nd – air time
unknown but should be a 15 min interview

BBCRadioKent – Interview with Andy Garland lasting 20
mins but air date unknown. Check out the radio station
for this one!

BBCRadioScotland – Pre-recorded interview with Barbara
Wallace airing evening of Monday 28th Jan.

Capital Gold Radio – Pre-recorded interview with Mike
Sweeney will go out 30th January. Time unknown.

Micky is also possibly doing an interview/photo-shoot
for the March edition of OK! and OK!-on air.
Michelle :@)


From: “Amanda Laws”

Micky’s father can be seen in “The Last Time I Saw Paris”
Mon 28 on TCM.
Check your local listings for times and channel number.


From: “wendybird123us”

I found a great book this week, “Desperados: The Roots of Country
Rock” by John Einarson (2001) published by Cooper Square Press.
Fanstastic behind the scenes stories told by all the folks who
pioneered the country rock sound. Michael is mentioned and/or
interviewed and quoted throughout the book, and there is a great
photo of him in his custom-made star-spangled Nudie suit and hat
circa 1973. There is also a select discography in the back with
definitive country rock albums to check out by artists such as
Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, The Dillards, The Eagles, Nitty
Gritty Dirt Band, Poco, etc., and of course, Michael’s First National
Band – the Red, White and Blue Trilogy and compilation albums.

In one section, Einarson talks about “Nevada Fighter” probably being
the best album of “the Trilogy”, and how “the material meshes
perfectly.” He also describes Michael’s idea of segueing from “Texas
Morning” to “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” as “a masterstroke, and a high
point on the album.” I totally agree with this, and it gave me
chills as I could hear the semi barreling down the empty stretch of
highway and imagine the tumbleweeds rolling in its wake…. The
author also loves “Ranch Stash.”

Check this book out, especially if you love Country Rock – you’ll
learn a lot!



Congratulations again to Toni W. – winner of the Monkees.Net Raffle
contest. Thanks again to everyone for the support!


Does this plan sound familiar??? Brad

Lou Pearlman: Making The Archies
Justin, JC and Lance, meet your newest competition: Archie, Jughead and
That’s right, the man behind such pop creations as the Backstreet
Boys (news
– – web sites), ‘N Sync (news – web sites) and O-Town is moving onto a
different type of two-dimensional character: Boy-band mogul Lou Pearlman
says he’s teaming up with Archie Entertainment to launch real-life music
groups based on The Archies and Josie and the Pussycats comic books.
With the help of former BMG President Strauss Zelnick, Pearlman’s
Trans Continental Entertainment is staging a nationwide search for young
musicians to become the next Archie, Jughead, Veronica and Betty, in
preparation for a new album, tour and TV show based on Riverdale High’s
finest rockers.
“We’re going to bring Archie into the next century,” Pearlman tells
E! Online. “Musically, it’s going to capture today’s pop-culture
market…The Archies will be able to tour, and I think it will be
Specifically, Pearlman’s hunting for young people who can sing,
dance and play their own instruments for the new project, which he
describes as “more contemporary pop and pop-rock.” (And yes, “if they do
look like Archie and Jughead that would help,” he adds.)
The talent search is one of several projects being launched this year
by Archie Entertainment to help celebrate the comic book’s 60-year
Of course, if this all sounds oddly familiar, it should: The Archies,
first introduced in the 1940s, were already turned into a hit cartoon
and chart-topping band in the late 1960s, appearing on CBS and scoring a
number one hit with the song “Sugar, Sugar.”
Thanks to a group of studio musicians enlisted by ’60s bubblegum pop
mogul Don Kirshner, the Archies’ catchy, saccharine-friendly tune sold
six million copies and even knocked the Rolling Stones off the top of
the charts.
While some might fear that Lou Pearlman is now poised to turn the
Archies into, say, R-Town, at least one of the original band members
says he supports the idea.
“I know Lou Pearlman…and I think they’ll do a real good job,” says
Ron Dante, the L.A.-based singer-producer who originally sang Archies
hits like “Sugar, Sugar” and “Jingle Jangle” during the band’s cartoon
“It was a good job for me at the time, and I couldn’t be happier that
people connected with it,” Dante says. “Archie, Reggie, Betty, Veronica
and Jughead are good role models, and the country could use a little
good, positive pop music right now with all the terrible things we’ve
been through.”
For his part, Pearlman says he plans to ask Dante to be involved with
the creation of this latest Archies incarnation. It’s only appropriate
considering one of the new group’s first priorities will be recording a
remake of 1969’s chart-topper “Sugar, Sugar.”
As for Josie and the Pussycats, Pearlman says he also will be
searching for girls to lead that band. The timing isn’t exactly perfect:
Last year’s movie version of the comic book scored decent reviews for
its pop-punk soundtrack, but the film starring Rachael Leigh Cook and
Tara Reid bombed at the box office.
Pearlman, however, says this latest version of the Pussycats will be
more “Spice Girls (news – web sites)-meets-Britney Spears.”
“I think [the makers of the film] were more interested in making a
movie, and we’re more interested in making a show and music that will
last,” he says.


From: “christine wolczak”

hi Brad,
I want to start off by saying that if it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t
have had the best summer of my life (so far!). I read on the mailing list
message that the monkees were going to be at the PNC Bank Arts center way
back on July 12th. I drove down to the local ticket master, and I got 4
second row tickets. That was the best concert I have ever been to . Before
the concert, my best friend and I were waiting outside the gate to the
arena. We started talking to this very cool girl and after talking for a
while, we compared our seats and since I had an extra seat, I decided to
give it to her ( she’s a Micky Dolenz fanatic, just like me, so I decided
to give the extra ticket). This made me and my best friend happy because we
made someone’s day. We’ve kept in touch via e mail ever since. This proves
to me that Monkee fans are the most friendly and awesome people!!!
Keep up the awesome work with the page!

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