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Micky Dolenz starts a new career

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Micky Dolenz Joins CBS-FM as Morning Host Beginning on January 10, 2005
Tuesday December 7, 2:17 pm ET

NEW YORK, Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Micky Dolenz has been named the new
morning show host for Infinity Broadcasting’s WCBS-FM, 101.1, it was
announced today by Chad Brown, Vice President and General Manager, WCBS-FM.=

Dolenz will debut on CBS-FM on Monday, January 10, 2005 as host of the
6:00-10:00AM show Monday-Friday.

The famed television star, musician, Broadway performer and director
previously co-hosted the station’s morning show on Oct. 7.

“Mickey is a renowned entertainer whose diverse background and overall
upbeat view of life makes him the perfect person to host morning drive on
the station,” said Brown. “Following his October appearance we immediately=

realized that Mickey had a special connection with our listeners. The
phones never stopped ringing and people were still reminiscing about him
days later. We knew we had something special that day and we’re thrilled to=

add Micky to our lineup permanently.”

“When I was 12 years old, I soldered together a Heathkit radio transmitter=

in my garage and broadcast a weather report to my mother in the kitchen,”
said Dolenz. “Ever since then, I have fantasized about having my own radio=

show. This is a dream come true and a thrill beyond words to be associated=

with CBS-FM, Infinity Broadcasting and the entire Viacom family. I look
forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Dolenz first established himself at the age of 10 when he starred in his
first television series, “Circus Boy.” He is most well known for his role
as a member of The Monkees and star of the series of the same name. Dolenz,=

along with Peter Tork, Davy Jones, and Mike Nesmith, starred in the hit
television show about a rock ‘n roll band from 1966-68. Between 1966 and
1970, The Monkees released nine albums plus a greatest hits compilation.
During the off-season from taping they toured the country to sold-out shows=

After the television show, Dolenz continued his acting career and also
provided voices for the “Funky Phantom,” “Scooby-Doo” movies and other
Hanna-Barbera cartoons. He also kept up with his solo music, releasing a
string of singles over the years.

Dolenz began his stage career with a starring role in friend Harry
Nilsson’s West End musical “The Point” in 1978. It was in London that he
honed his behind-the-camera skills by directing numerous British television=

programs, as well as the stage version of “Bugsy Malone.”

A wave of nostalgia in 1986, sparked by TV LAND reruns of the original
television shows, reunited The Monkees and they set out across the country=

for a summer tour. The success of the tour led the band to release “Pool
It,” their first album in nearly 20 years.

From 1990-92 Dolenz toured as a solo artist and also released his first
children’s album “Micky Dolenz Puts You To Sleep,” a collection of 60s pop=

tunes arranged as lullabies. A second collection was released in 1994
entitled “Broadway Micky.” 1993 saw the release of “I’m a Believer: My Life=

of Monkees, Music and Madness.” The book tells the story of Dolenz’s life
through 1990 and is filled with personal anecdotes. His “unofficial
autobiography” is co-written with celebrity-biographer Mark Bego and was
re-released with updated chapters in 2004.

The Monkees again joined together in the studio in 1996 to record a brand
new album entitled “JustUs.” The group launched a world tour, which ended
in England, heralding the 30th anniversary of the group.

Dolenz most recently starred in Broadway’s “AIDA” as the villainous Zoser.=

He had previously played the role in the touring version of the Disney

Source: Infinity Broadcasting

(ed: notice how the spelling of his name goes back and forth in the press
release? Even his new employers can’t get it right!)


From: It’s Mare

This is direct from David’s publicist:

“David did an interview recently with a British journalist whom may have
sold a portion of, or the whole article to an Irish paper and the Irish
paper seems to have taken a snippet of something and built an entirely new=

story around it, slanting the attitude and meaning of the statements, and
taking it wholly out of context with seemingly little reference to the
original interview material. David feels that what he said in the original=

British interview is true. Further, David says: “I stand by everything I
said in the British interview. However, the Irish interview is blarney”

Just as I suspected..



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