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Micky Dolenz loses show in radio format shift

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On Friday, WCBS-FM in New York City made a switch in music format at 5 p.m.
ET, kicking out the oldies format to replace it with a random music format
which is sweeping the country called “Jack”. It’s very likely that the
Micky Dolenz Radio Show on Friday, his 100th anniversary show, will be the

Another famous DJ, David Cassidy, who was heading the Chicago oldies
channel will likely also be affected by this, as his channel has shifted to
“Jack” as well.

Infinity Flips Oldies To Jack In New York, Chicago
June 03, 2005

Jack has woken up in the city that never sleeps. It’s also blowing across
the airwaves in the Windy City. That’s right, Jack has been launched in New
York and Chicago.

At 5 p.m. eastern, Infinity Broadcasting took oldies WCBS-FM in New York
and oldies WJMK-FM in Chicago to the format that’s sweeping the nation. In
New York, the flip was kicked off with “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” by
the Beastie Boys.

“New York deserves a radio station that is equally as eclectic as its
listener’s personalities and attitudes,” said Chad Brown, Vice President
and General Manager, WCBS-FM.

“JACK FM promises to be unlike anything currently heard in the market.
Others have tried to imitate the JACK format, but time and again it has
been proven that the success of the format is achieved by fully committing
to its objectives and delivering a completely new and unique product. We
look forward to changing the landscape of the New York radio market.”

Artists that will be heard on the station, include Aerosmith, Duran Duran,
No Doubt, Lenny Kravitz, the Eagles, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and REM.
The station’s new Web site can be found at

In Chicago, expect to hear Guns N’ Roses’ “Paradise City,” The Romantics’
“Talking In Your Sleep Rick James’ “Superfreak,” Barenaked Ladies’ “One
Week,” A Flock of Seagulls’ “I Ran,” and Robert Palmer’s “Bad Case of
Loving You”.

Infinity Broadcasting launched its first Jack station in July 2004 at
KJKK-FM in Dallas. The station has improved its position from 28th to 5th,
and currently ranks as the most listened to station in the market with
adults 25-54.

Jack format changes have also occurred at stations in Los Angeles,
Baltimore, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Buffalo.



A month old article, but thought some fans might want to know.

“Published: 28th April 2005
Pop legend jets in for funeral of brother-in-law

POP legend Davy Jones paid a sad visit to Accrington
this week for the funeral of his brother-in-law Ken

For the rest of the article:


From: Brian Sims

Bill (Billy) Lewis, former drummer for Boyce and Hart (Candy Store
Prophets) passed away May 7th, 2005 after a lengthy illness.

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