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Micky Crosses Over – More Davy Concerts

April 3, 2011 by  
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New Davy Jones Solo Dates:

Fri 04/25/03 Lake Buena Vista, FL Disney World
Sat 04/26/03 Lake Buena Vista, FL Disney World
Sun 04/27/03 Lake Buena Vista, FL Disney World
Mon 04/28/03 Lake Buena Vista, FL Disney World

Micky Dolenz Solo Dates:

Mon 11/25/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Tue 11/26/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Wed 11/27/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Thu 11/28/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Fri 11/29/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Sat 11/30/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Sun 12/01/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Mon 12/02/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Tue 12/03/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Wed 01/22/03 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Thu 01/23/03 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Fri 01/24/03 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Sat 01/25/03 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Sun 01/26/03 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Mon 01/27/03 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Tue 01/28/03 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Wed 01/29/03 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas


From: “frodisqueen66”

Just thought I’d drop this for anyone who hasn’t heard yet.

Micky will be having a private reading on the show Crossing Over with
John Edwards on Nov 13.

Check your local listings as this is a syndicated show

should be very interesting to see who comes over with a message for



From: Cure101

Hi There,
My name is Elliot Marks from London Calling. I thought you should know
(if you don’t already) that Micky will be attending our convention on
December 8th at the Pasadena Convention Center. He will be talking about
his experiences with The Beatles and also meeting fans and signing autographs.
Please check out our website at

Or call me (714) 776-2588 for any info you might need.

Warmest Regards,
Elliot Marks
London Calling


From: David McLallen

Encore channel will also being showing “Head” a couple more times this month –
on the 22nd and 27th, both very early in the morning.


From: “Julie McArthur”


This may or may not have the Monkees. The web site for TV Land does not
say What any of them are.

Inside TV Land: TV Theme Music is a celebration of the top television tunes
and explores how TV’s hit makers have used music to sell their ideas to an

It is on this Sunday at 9:00 PM Eastern & Pacific on TV Land.


Julie M.



Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List

Nez News
A few days ago I spoke to someone from Mike Nesmith’s company, Videoranch
about his upcoming album “Rays,” which is hopefully going to be out
sometime in 2003. I asked about the overall sound of the new music and what
fans should expect when it is released, and a spokesperson said, “In
typical Nez fashion, it sounds nothing like any of his other work.” I was
also told that “it’s very contemporary, with lots of different rhythms,
with a semi latin influence.” In addition, the long awaited 6-CD audio
version of Michael Nesmith’s novel, The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora,
is now available at Videoranch. This audio book features Nez himself
reading the story and various sound effects, etc. Check it out & listen to
a sample at!

Davy Solo Date / Monkees On TV
Davy Jones is scheduled to appear at the Grande Atrium in the Riverchase
Galleria Mall in Birmingham, Alabama for a “special event.” This appearance
will take place on Friday, November 29, 2002 at 1:00-5:00am.


From: Guitar Girl

What a surprise to walk into a local Blues club in South Central, jump up
onstage to play some guitar with Brody Buster, turn around to find Peter
Tork on the Drumset. Wow! The Mama’s Boy’s (Johnny) host a great jam at
Babe & Rick’s in LA, and have hired Peter Tork as their drummer. Nice
going guys! Nice playin with you Peter, you were great! All my best –
Jill Sharpe (California Guitar Girl)

Miss Jill Sharpe*%20SWING%20*%20Rock-a-Billy%20*%20BLUES



Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List

Live In Anaheim CD Update
King Biscuit Entertainment has unofficially announced a release for The
Monkees Live CD (same concert as “Live Summer Tour” DVD). They say that the
CD will be out in January 2003 & that it will include “some” of the songs
that were cut out of the DVD.


From: “Videoranch Foreman”

Thought of by many as their favorite Nez tune, Different Drum, is now
available for download at Videoranch! This song is a BMI Multimillion-Air
Award winner (mostly of the Linda Ronstadt version). Only about 1,500
titles have achieved “Million-Air” status, or more than 1 million United
States radio and television performances. One million performances is the
equivalent of approximately 50,000 broadcast hours, or more than 5.7 years
of continuous airplay! It was also listed in the August 2000 issue of UK
magazine MOJO as one of the 100 Greatest Songs of All Time, coming in at
#80. You can listen to a sample of the song and purchase the MP3 at

Thanks to so many of you for all the great feedback regarding The Long
Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora Audio Book. For those of you who haven’t had
the chance to check it out you can listen to a sample at

We thought you might enjoy reading a recent review of the Tropical
Campfires album and The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora novel. See

That’s all for now.

Thanks for your interest,


Asst. to Bubba Crutch



From: Jenny8755

Hey Guys,

This message is a little late but oh well. Hi i’m Jenny and I live in
Scotland in the UK. I bought the Monkees Tour 2001 DVD on Monday the 14th
of October!!! I was so excited because I preordered it and it was sent to
me through the post and arrived on the Saturday!!! Two days before it was
officially released!!! So of course I watched it straight away! It is
FAB!!!! I’ve watched it over and over and I can’t get enough of it! It’s
great because unfortunately Peter couldn’t come to the UK tour and so it’s
great to be able to see his performance. My fav part has to be Peter’s
Higher and Higher song, it’s brilliant, i’ve not seen that version live
before so I love it. The interviews are pretty kewl, and there are also
two karaoke songs to sing along to which is funny. Well I just wanted to
mention that I’m soooo happy to have this DVD and amazed that it’s released
in the UK before it’s released in the US!!

Cya Luv Jennyxx


From: Krnurse

Hello all,

My husband and I drove three hours from Indianapolis to Peoria, Illinois,
last night to see Davy Jones in concert. We had a wonderful time!

After a quick, but delicious dinner at Sully’s Irish bar and grill, we headed
to the Peoria Civic Center. The place is rather large. The balconies were
full and the main floor was probably 3/4 full. Not quite sold out, but
pretty close!

The concert began at 8 pm with the oldies 93 folks leading the theater with
the National Anthem. Then, They sang there own set of songs. I was
sitting in row BBB on the right. I did happen to meet Cassidy from the list
there along with three of her friends…we didn’t exchange names, but, I was
happy to meet someone else from the list in person.
After the oldies people played, Felix Cavalier’s Rascals came out. Felix is
a rock n roll hall of fame star who played songs like Lonely
too long, In the midnight hour, It’s a beautiful mornin…etc, all the songs
on thc cd listed at the merchandise web site. I didn’t recognize the name,
but I did recognize the songs. He was excellent! If someone has to open for
a Monkee, he is great. He is rather old looking, but he did a great job.

So, then, David Alexander comes out, introduces himself, goes to the
keyboards, and introduces the rest of the band. Sam came out and made
rapping noises until Sandy came out and “sent Eric to his room”. Next was
Aviva, and the rest of the horns. The band consisted of the usually Monkees
band, minus Jerry and Wayne. There were two guitar players standing in for
them, and I apologize for not getting their names. I couldn’t really see the
base player because he was so far to the left, but the guy in front of the
horns was awesome! He was very charasmatic and entertaining with his

Davy finally came on and began. Here is the set list:

Little Bit Me
She Hangs Out
Lookout here comes tomorrow
Oliver Medley
I wanna be Free
I’ll Love you forever
Band Intros
Archie & Edith
Brady Bunch
Is you Is or is you ain’t
Nice to be with you
Steppin stone
Daydream Believer


Listen to the Band
I’m a believer

Now, Davy was very animated tonight. He seemed so relaxed compared to when I
have seen him do the Monkees concerts. He was laughing, joking with the
crowd, and really seemed to be having a great time. Some of the jokes were a
bit on the sexy side, but he did them so well. He did many of the old jokes
from all the show he’s done this year, and then many new to him jokes…at
least ones I haven’t heard from him in the past year and a half of concert
going. He sat down on the speakers in the front and talked to the crowd.
One chick had the nerve to ask him to stop talking and sing… others told
her to shut up. He said he ought to pull down her knickers and give her a
good spanking! It was funny. He was hot wearing a coat and tie, so he took
them off. People were shouting for him to take off his shirt. He joked
that he had heard that people thought he was cute. He said, yeah, a 56 year
old cute guy! I don’t think so, or something like that. Anyway, he left it
at that. He joked about being stopped by a cop on the way to the venue, the
cop asked why he didn’t stop right away. Davy said..” A few months ago a
policeman ran off with my wife, I thought he was trying to give her back.”
Then he talked about the hotel he stayed at outside of Peoria on the “bus
trip” out to Peoria. He said that the man in the hotel lobby made them all
sandwiches and got them drinks when they arrived about 2:30 in the morning
and wouldn’t take any money for it. He said, oh, no, I couldn’t charge you
anything. Davy insisted, but the man refused. So, Davy asks, do you own
this place? Oh no, he says, the owner is upstairs right now with my wife.
Davy asks: “what is he doing upstairs with your wife?” The reply…”The same
thing I’m doing down here with his business.”
Then, there were the same old, same old jokes like about Marsha, Marsha,
Marsha and all the girls in America writing him hate letters because he
didn’t go to their bloody prom. He joked about having four daughters, all
girls, he talked about his horses, and visiting schools and talking to kids
about getting into show business. He talked about many of the things that
are in his book. He mentioned the new grandson. He said he had just visited
Peter and Mike in the retirement home in England. He asked Peter …”Do you
know who I am??” Peter’s reply..”Ask the nurse, she’ll tell you.” Then, he
went on to talk about what the others are really doing. He mentioned Peter
and Shoe Suede Blues, Mike and Producing, and Micky on a Cruise. He talked a
lot during the show, and it was wonderful. I thought that Stepping Stone,
just didn’t cook as much as when Micky does it, but, it was still good. I
was amazed at all his energy.
During Girl, many girls gave him flowers and he kissed every one of them…or
he let them kiss him is more like it. Before the Archie and Edith skit, he
kissed Sandy!! That was so funny, and many people laughed, so he did it
He dances so wonderfully! I enjoyed the entire show, but, especially when he
danced during Is You is and the Oliver Medley.

After the show, I waited up front to have Aviva and the horn players sign
this wooden Monkees Logo guitar that my husband made for me. There were
about five women there with back stage passes, but, they were late getting
down there and couldn’t get back stage. We were right next to them when they
showed a security person their badges and asked to be brought back. So, when
the security person said, follow me….we did! Alan and I both got back
stage!!!! Wow!!! We waited in Line to see David, and he signed the guitar.
He asked Alan to make him one, so, now Alan is making one for Davy. He is
going to make one for Peter too, since I am going to see Peter at the
SuperMega fest in Massachusetts in a couple of weeks. Alan had his picture
taken with Davy as did I. I am really glad we got back stage, because I was
able to get with Sandy and David Alexander to sign the guitar also. And, I
had to work today, so, if I waited in the line in the lobby for an autograph,
I wouldn’t have gotten any rest before work today. As it is, I didn’t get
home until 4 in the morning. I had Davy signed my Blast from the Past cdrom.
He asks, what is this??? I told him, and he said, am I on this??? Yes, Davy
you are.. surprise, surprise, surprise. Then, I had him sign a cereal box
cut out record. He asked again..what is this??? LOL it is very old. The
dj’s from the oldies station and many other people really loved the Monkees
guitar. I will have to post it on my web site. My husband is having some
trouble with it now, but when it comes up, I will let everyone know.
Overall, I had a wonderful evening. Oh, I didn’t even mention that Sandy
gave Alan one of his drumsticks! Alan was thrilled. I just may make a
Monkees fan out of this husband yet!! This is Katherine signing off,
saying, go to all the concerts you can now, because they won’t be touring


From: FireEyez8602

I was at the Davy concert, as well. I went with Maudie, Juliana, and Cassidy.
It was my first time seeing a Monkee in concert, and it was absolutely
amazing. I was just blown away. Davy is so hilarious. I truly enjoyed
myself, and I even cried when he sang “I Wanna Be Free” I had a great time
meeting Cass and Jules- you two are so beautiful, and sweet. I hope we can
meet up again sometime. And I also met Cindy, I think it was… she made me
jealous with her talk of meeting Peter Tork. lol.

But anyway.. I got to meet Davy, and he was really nice. He signed my
Headquarters CD, and my copy of the Head dvd. He also made fun of my habit of
repeating myself in a cynical way. 🙂 That was great fun, also! And I got my
picture taken with him, too.

I still can’t believe it. Last night was probably the best night of my life.
[remember i’m only 16, people! hehe] and I hope I can experience something
like that again, someday.

Night everyone!


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