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Meet The Royals Info! Nez In Magazine!

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Anthony & Brad


From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

**Nez In Magazine**
Mike Nesmith will be featured in the September/October issue of Tokion Maga=
Nez’s article will talk about his part in developing the music video as wel=
l as
some new photos. The magazine can usually be found on newsstands and will b=
available at soon.

**On TV**
Davy Jones will be included in VH1’s “25 Greatest Rock Star Cameos” special=
Sept. 4 at 2pm EST and Sept. 12 at 3pm EST. Micky, Davy, & Peter’s cameo on
1995’s “Brady Bunch Movie” on Sept. 6 at 12pm EST on USA.

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From: “Mary Pruitt”

Hey everybody.. don’t forget to watch the premiere of Meet the Royals on A=

& E… Sept 7th at 10 EST. David is the host and is hilarious! Here’s a lin=
k to
the Meet the Royals page on the A & E web site… includes descriptions of =
eppys and a nice bio and pic of David!



From: “Kevin T. Baldwin”

Here’s some news for you:

I have written a musical with Bobby Hart and Caroline Boyce focusing on the
collaborations of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. There’s a huge section devote=
d to
the Monkees, but the story encompasses ALL of Tommy and Bobby’s music, from=
going right up to DJBH. Keep your fingers crossed and start spreading the n=
if you can. This one looks like it could be a winner!

Take care,
Kevin T. Baldwin


From: “Janice”

If anyone is interested, the DVD of Star Spangled Girl is to be released
November 25. David sings Girl in this film, although he is not in it.


From: “James Lee Stanley”

Please pass this on to all you know who are in the nashville area. james le=

Cafe 123, 123 – 12th Ave., Nashville, TN 37203. Club phone 615-265-2233 tue=
sep 9, 9 pm

Official Website:


From: “Sue at Band Six”

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that there have recently been some issues with the Ban=
d Six
UK website(s). These have resulted in the suspension and deletion of all
websites and the email address used by Band Six UK. Although some search en=
still have reference to them you should not be able to access the actual pa=
when you click on the link – so can anyone who has a link to the Band Six U=
website through their own webpage please delete it.

Because of the nature of the problem you might find (it’s only a possiblil=
you get a warning message if you try to log-on to the website if your compu=
system has a filter in it (particularly the one that a certain person has
“cut-and-pasted” and launched on a different address purporting to be the f=
club – best if you delete it and use your own talents to write a webpage!).

I’m quite aware that this message will probably start some riveting gossip =
for a
while but I’d rather you know that there is no point in logging on to a web=
that has become problematic.

To quote Jerry Springer, take care of yourselves – and each other.

All the best

Sue Waller

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