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Hi Everybody

March 27, 2011 by  
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Hi Everybody!

For the open casting call in L.A. this morning, they had none other
than our own P.T. standing by! It was on Good Morning LA on the
FOX network.

First, my nabe came over and said “Hey, (hey) the Monkees are on
channel 11. This was at 8:10 AM, and I was just about to leave for work.
Well, I waited through numerous “we’ll be right back with the Monkees”,
and a few hundred commercials, had to wait for the “adopt a pet” bit,
they finally showed a clip with the “Stepping Stone” romp, then went
to another commercial. , at 8:49 AM, they showed Peter
standing in front of the Monkee-wanna-be’s. He was in a GREAT
mood, cracking jokes about “These guys all wanna be me!” and
“Any time I’m on TV I’m happy!” They asked him (he had an earpiece in)
if he got to do any of the judging, and he said “No, cuz I’d just pick the
looking guy and he would play me!” The whole thing lasted about a minute,
but Peter was obviously having a good time. They showed the line of
dudes, it was at least 60 of them, some of them in the classic red
and white button shirt, but frankly many of them looked too old.
Peter had a monitor nearby, and was obviously jazzed seeing himself
on TV. It was fun!

I had also heard mention that some or all had already been cast,
subject to the director’s scrutiny, and that it might just be a promo
thing. Oh, well, it was worth being late for work, just to see Peter
having a good time.

‘Tay, ’nuff said.


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