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Gihon Foundation 2000 Council on Ideas Live Webcam!

March 27, 2011 by  
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(ed: Gihon Foundation is run by Michael Nesmith’s Family)

From: “foreman”

Gihon Foundation 2000 Council on Ideas

July 21, 2000

Hi there.

This weekend is the 2000 Council on Ideas.

Every other year, The Gihon Foundation, Nez’ family foundation, invites a
small group of respected thinkers to the Santa Fe area to spend a weekend
identifying the most important issue of the day. This group of thinkers is
the Council on Ideas. This year, the Council members are: DePaul College of
Law Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni, a longtime advocate of international
peace and justice; Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author, Stanley
Karnow; American physicist and 1969 Nobel Prize recipient, Murray
Gell-Mann; poet, essayist, educator and highly sought after lecturer, Nikki
Giovanni; and internationally respected anthropologist, Anna C. Roosevelt.
On the final day of the summit, Sunday, July 23, the 2000 Council on Ideas
will make a special presentation of its Position Statement to the public
and press.

Some of the council alumni will also be attending. This alumni include Emmy
Award-winning actress and producer, Jane Alexander; famed zoologist,
Stephen Jay Gould; Washington Post writer, Roberto Suro; internationally
renowned architect, Frank O. Gehry; Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Arno
Penzias; Native American Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, poet and artist,
N. Scott Momaday; syndicated columnist, Georgie Anne Geyer, and former
President of NBC News and PBS, Lawrence K. Grossman.

The Videoranch Cam will be at the Gihon Foundation all weekend filming the
Council events. Sunday’s cam shots should have some interesting people in
them. A chef from Los Angeles named Celestino Drago will be cooking an
incredible meal for the guests, and we’ll have cam shots of him preparing
the meal as well.

At noon Mountain Daylight Time on Sunday, we will be streaming the audio of
the above mentioned presentation of the Position Statement. You need to
have either Real Player 7 or later or Winamp installed on your computer to
hear it. You can download both of these pieces of software for free on the

PC users can listen to the streaming presentation from inside Videoranch
3D. The speaker that will be playing the live stream is just underneath the
right Ranch Cam screen, at 1S 0W.

Mac users, go to and click on the streaming link at the top
of the home page. You can also just open up Real Player or Winamp and type
in the following URL address:
(I highly recommend you copy and paste this unwieldy address from this email).

The stream won’t start until noon on Sunday. So if you click on it before
then, it won’t be active.

This is probably going to be very interesting a lot of fun so I hope you
can tune in.

Email me if you need help with it.

Sincerely yours,
Navajo Slim
Assistant to Bubba Crutch


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