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First Reviews are In!-3

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The first reviews of the concert tour are in. We will not be featuring very
many of these (cause the list could get huge!) but a few, and no set lists
will be provided. However, if you want to see the set lists from this tour
(and all of the others) you can go to:

From: brunobaby

Here’s an item from the Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue about a Nez
tribute and the Monkees.

Note: John Beland was lead guitar player for Linda Ronstadt, Rick Nelson,
and was and currently is with the Flying Burrito Brothers, among many

–The Funky Cold Meldina
Watching Steely Dan reel in the years


Posted by John Beland on March 18, 2001 at 14:18:46:

Just compleated a very neat project.
I was asked to be a guest artist on a new CD tribute called PAPA NEZ / A
For my bit I selected “SOME OF SHELLEY’S BLUES” and used the old 56 Tele
Sounds like a neat CD and it will be released in May, I believe. It
features various artists doing Mike’s songs.
For more info you can link onto my sight.
Mike’s a great songwriter and really one of the unsung hero’s of
country/rock. Lets not forget that The Monkees were doing country rock
tracks long before The Buffalo Springfield, Eagles, Byrds and the rest.
Wacky guys…but they made some cool records along with Michael’s
country/rock input.
Thought you might be interested..So far its been a breath of fresh air
riding down the “post Burrito” highway.
See Ya


(ed: this is the only bad review of the Monkees tour that I have seen, and
it’s a howler, and full of inaccurate information. It’s really upsetting to
me when critics target the audience as well. If she was surprised by the
young ones in the audience, she just does not understand the appeal of the
Monkees, perhaps she has never seen the TV show? Anyway please don’t reply
to me if you are upset with this writer, go to – thanks)

From: Miriam E Ammerman
From: MagicMonkeeDust
From: Mary

Monkees Reunion: A Real Howler
The Boy Band That That Refuses to Grow Up Gracefully

The Monkees, the boy band that refuses to grow old gracefully, performs
on stage at the 9:30 Club. Band members Peter Tork, foreground, and Davy
Jones, right, appeared in this ill-advised reunion tour. (Rich Lipski -The
Washington Post)

By Teresa Wiltz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 16, 2001; Page C01

Age is the enemy of one-time boy bands that are light on talent and long on
cute. When youth was your only calling card, it’s best to forgo the reunion
tour. Nothing worse than forcing your fans to face their own mortality.

But you better get ready, because hey! hey! with the Monkees, you never know
where they’ll be found. They may be coming to your town. Which — trust us on
this one — would not be a good thing.

We know whereof we speak: On Wednesday, the Monkees were found onstage at the
9:30 club, looking like they’d just taken the last train to Codgersville.

They’re no longer members of the young generation. Which would be okay.
Except that now, they don’t have something to say.

The Monkees were too busy singing to put anybody down. So we’ll do it for
them. There was Peter — once so sheepish and shy — looking like a Sting
wannabe with his receding hairline and spiked do. Davy — you know, the
short, cute one — now just resembles a wrinkled preteen. (Memo to Davy: Just
say no to the mullet.) And then there was Mickey, looking like Tony Soprano’s
big brother, what with the Buddha belly and the comb-over. (The fourth
Monkee, Mike Nesmith, had the good sense, and the good taste, to stay

Think of ‘N Sync performing “Bye Bye Bye” 34 years from now, and you get an
idea of the horror. Or Britney Spears singing “Oops! . . . I Did It Again!”
as she sports the results of her latest nip and tuck. Not a pretty sight.

This didn’t deter true Monkees fans, who paid $40 a pop to pack the house.
And what a weird and wacky combination of fans they were: people in their
forties with graying Farrah wings and comfy shoes — and a surprising
contingent of Gen Y types who crammed toward the front of the stage, waving
their arms in the air, singing along and shouting, ” ‘Last Train to
Clarksville’! Play ‘Last Train to Clarksville’ “!!!

Yes, it’s true. The Monkees have groupies. Young ones. But we digress . . .

Aided and abetted by an eight-piece band that greatly filled in the gaps left
by their talents, the Monkees cranked out the classics from their TV sitcom:
“(Theme From) The Monkees,” “Daydream Believer” and “Last Train to
Clarksville,” among others. If only they’d left it at that. By the time they
reached the end of the two-hour set, which included Little Richard covers,
some faux-Beatles tunes, some (scary!) new Monkees material and a brass
section that spent more time performing goofy interpretive dances than
actually blowing their horns, the Monkees had long since worn out their

There was the attempt to recapture the ironic, self-mocking spirit of the TV
show: See Peter wiggle his eyebrows at the audience again and again as he
noodles with a little Bach ditty on his “virtual harpsichord” (electric
keyboard) — just to let everyone know he gets the joke. See Davy pretend to
play the sax and the guitar. See Mickey hog the stage, chanting a Buddhist
chant, singing torch songs and attempting a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple
Haze.” (Many, many moons ago, Jimi opened for the Monkees.)

Still, you have to hand it to them: The Monkees know their way around
American commerce. On their Web site,, you can apply for a
Monkees Visa card — which you can use to purchase the Monkees’ just-released
four-CD retrospective, “The Monkees Music Box.”

(ed: correction a Monkees.Net VISA card)

A four-CD set. A two-hour live show. This from a band that once got people to
grudgingly enjoy its three-minute singles. We’d have to say the Monkees are
pushing their luck.


From: Cathy Hurley Zimmer

The Washington Post’s 3/24/01 Editorial section featured two Monkees’
fan’s responses to the negative review the Washington DC show at the
9:30 Club received. The paper posted a nice picture of Peter playing
guitar above the two editorials entitled “The Music Speaks for Itself”.
Here they are:

“The Music Speaks for Itself”
By Scott Barden: (Part 1)
I was disappointed in the thoughtless and ill-informed review of the
Monkees concert [Style/March 16th]. Clearly Teresa Wiltz thought the
concert was lousy, and that’s her opinion. But it buy no means warrants
her complete dismissal of the Monkees’ contribution to the music of the
1960’s. Their large catalogue of outstanding music should speak for
itself. Yes, they used studio musicians, but they got their money’s
worth. And the fact is that they could play. Wiltz should listen to
“Headquarters” – an album performed entirely by the band members
themselves – which reaches a level of musicality not even attempted by
most three-chord bands today. And at least 20 of the Monkees’ best
songs were composed by band members – primarily Michael Nesmith but
other band members as well.
Why is it that we think of artists such as Madonna, Paula Abdul, Cindy
Lauper, JLO and yes, Elvis Presley, as “the real thing”, when, unlike
the Monkees they neither play(ed) instruments with any proficiency nor
composed more than a handful of songs among them?

By Steve Fustero:(Part 2)
In her review of the Monkees’ March 14th reunion concert at the 9:30
Club, Teresa Wiltz sounds like she was given the assignment as
punishment by an editor.
Like many who attended, I thought it was a terrific concert. It was a
happy, nostalgic night, and the songs were just as riveting as they were
decades ago. Peter Tork’s lead guitar on the hit song “Pleasant Valley
Sunday” was just as crisp and fresh as my best memories of the band in
their prime.
I’d say most of the people there had a great time. But then there was
Wiltz taking notes on Peter’s receding hairline, Micky’s ample tummy and
Davy’s wrinkles, wondering why the concert wouldn’t end and why the
Monkees have already retired to a nursing home.
Wiltz likens the Monkees in the 60’s to N’Sync of the 90’s, a group of
pasteurized, pretty faces who have the collective personality of
cardboard. I happily paid $40 to see the Monkees some 30 years after
they broke up. I don’t know anyone who will pay $1 to see N’Sync 30
years after they break up.


From: “Videoranch Foreman”

(ed: Videoranch is Michael Nesmith’s web company)

Hi everyone,

We have a lot going on at Videoranch these days and we’re trying to keep
you all up to date.

Tapeheads on DVD: Back in 1988 our beloved Nez brought us Tapeheads. A
movie with John Cusack and Tim Robbins, about two out of work security
guards who’ll do anything to make Music Videos. If you liked watching these
two in High Fidelity you’ll love this film. Tapeheads shows up on all the
“Greatest movies never seen: lists. We now have it on DVD. It comes with a
single CD of the song Ordinary Man, by the Swanky Modes, which looks like
an old 45. There’s also very interesting commentary by the director Bill
Fishman, the set decorator Catherine Hardwicke, and Nez (Michael Nesmith).
Click here to watch a clip from the movie. If you like what you see, click
here to get your very own copy!

VR3D: I’m sure most of you have already heard about VR3D and if you
haven’t, well you’ll learn all about it now! VR3D is the internet’s number
one destination resort! It’s the place to go if you’re in the mood to hang
out in a beautiful environment and take a break, hang out with friends, or
meet new people. You can choose to be whomever you’d like, ride a scooter
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listen to music, or cruise the connection corral and watch little movies by
clicking on the horned televisions. The sun is always shining and there’s
plenty to do! If you’re familiar with VR3D you already know all of this,
but you might no know that we have an update you can download. The new
version runs a lot smoother and looks great. There are some requirements
you should know about before you download the new one though. You’ll need a
fairly new PC with a 3D graphics accelerator card. If you’re a Mac user
you’ll want OS 8.0 or better running PC emulation software. If you don’t
have an accelerator card or you’re not sure then you’ll want to stick with
VR3D 2.2. Alright, enough with the technical stuff…IF you have any
questions please email the foreman@v…

Come join the fun at VR3D! Stop by VR3D and give a shout, tell ’em Neffie
sent you.


Asst. to Bubba Crutch
8 Harris Court, Suite C1
Monterey, CA 93940
831-373-3103 fax
866-727-2639 toll free


From: Kim

Entertainment Tonight with Davy Jones last weekend in March

Entertainment Tonight
Type: First-run Syndication / Entertainment News
Duration: 1 hr
Description: Scheduled: interviews with former teen idols Leif Garrett,
Kirk Cameron, Davy Jones,
David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Scott Baio and Donny Osmond. (In Stereo)
Airing: Sat 3/31/01 7:00pm {this will be probably their regular show, with
a mention of the interview show)
Sun 4/1/01 4:05am {this will be the interview show}

Please check your local TV schedule for the dates and times in your area. I
just included mine as a pointer. Not sure if this is a repeat or not;
hopefully it’s new.

Peter Tork on Seventh Heaven (repeat)

7th Heaven – No Sex, Some Drugs, and a Little Rock & Roll
Type: Syndicated / Drama
Duration: 1 hr
Description: The Camdens deal with Lucy’s (Beverly Mitchell) phone
addiction, Simon’s (David Gallagher) coffee craving and Matt and Mary’s
(Barry Watson, Jessica Biel) experimentation with herbal stimulants; Eric’s
old high-school band (guest stars Peter Tork, David Eisley and Keith
Allison) arrives. (In Stereo)
Performers: Jessica Biel, Stephen Collins, David Gallagher, Catherine
Hicks, Beverley Mitchell,
Mackenzie Rosman, Barry Watson
Parental Rating: TV-PG
Airing: Mon 4/2/01 1:00pm on the WB network

Again, please note that I have included my local time only as a pointer.
Please check your local schedule for time and dates.


From: Kevin Schmid

Hello Brad & Co.,
has recorded and released an unreleased Monkees demo
called “Gotta Give It Time.” ‘GGIT’ was submitted to
the Monkees and recorded in DEMO form during the early
1967 “She Hang’s Out” & “Little Bit Me..” sessions.
The Monkees never recorded their vocals for it, hence
it was never released and will likely never see the
light of day.

My band thought this song suited our style, so we
released our own version of the Jeff Barry/Joey Levine
title on 45RPM 7″ vinyl, backed with a band original
called “(You’re just a) Waste Of My Time.”
We are the only band to ever record and release this
35-year-old garage-rocker. I know Monkee fans are
completists, so I thought you might like to inform the
fanbase in the news section.
Should anyone care to order it:
$3.25 (postpaid for the first copy) $2.25 for each
additional copy.
(Overseas orders, contact me directly at

Money orders to:
K. Schmid PO BOX 3094 ANN ARBOR, MI 48103

Thanks Brad,
Keep up the hard work the site(S) look great!!!!


From: “Kellie Arrowood”

I just wanted to let all of the Monkee fans know that there are still
tickets left for the Davy Jones concert at the City of Morganton Municipal
Auditorium (CoMMA) in Morganton, North Carolina. I got my ticket today and
I was told there are still around 200 left. The Concert is to be on
Saturday April 7 at 7:15 pm. (This is a different time than previous
information gave). Prices are $20.00, $22.50, and $25.00. You can call
them at 828-433-SHOW or 1-800-939-SHOW. They have some information on
their website as well as seating diagrams and directions to the auditorium.

I believe you have to follow the link from this website. It isn’t a very
large place so even with balcony seats you still get a very good view of
the stage. From information I received today, Davy is breaking from the
Monkees tour for this show and the band that is doing the music for the
Monkees tour is coming with Davy to provide music for his solo concert. I
can’t wait.

Kellie Arrowood


From: “Fuzzy WuzMe”

I don’t know if anyone else has caught this yet, but in the magazine
Guitar World Acoustic issue no.41, the Monkees song I’m a Believer is
featured in the songs section. For anyone who goes looking for the
magazine, it has the Beatles on the cover and talks about the White Album
so they can look for that!!

Peace and love,


Concert Reviews:


From: Mike Sweeney

Hi there!
I am a first generation Monkees fan, and my daughter (who is 5) is slowly
becoming a second generation fan. We, along with my husband, went to
the Monkees show last night in Merrillville, IN. It was really a good show.
We had alot of fun. My daughters first concert and she loved it! Our only
complaint tho is that they didn’t do their Theme song and that Davy didn’t
sing “I wanna be Free”. We were so disappointed! You see, we made Davy
a fresh flower lei and were waiting for him to sing it to give it to
him. It started
getting near the end of the show, and they were saying their good-byes and I
nearly freaked!! So when they came out for an encore I ran up there. Mind you,
everyone was spilled out into the aisles by then! I was able to squeeze myself
all the way up to the stagefront and yelled “Davy!” and held up the
lei. As they
were taking their bows, he walked over to me, bent over, and let me put the lei
around his neck! When he got back to the front of the stage, he pulled the lei
up to his nose and was smelling it! So if anyone was there last night,
that was
my lei around his neck. My husband tried to take a picture, but he said
the flash
wasn’t working. So if anyone was there last night and got a picture of me
the lei on Davy, could you please let me know? Thanks, and enjoy the upcoming
shows….we did!

Debbie (1sweeneym@h…)


From: Daniel R Kucerak

Hi Monkee Fans
just a note on Monkee reunion concert in Verona, N.Y.
It was great; except for the lound music; that was
sometimes louder then the Monkees sing.
I was right up by the stage; could see them clear as a

We all got laughing when a man from the front got up
and started walking away when Davy was leading in
singing and Davy said hey buddy where are you going
and got off stage and chased after him right in the back.
Of courae they sang their original Monkee songs
and Davy sang a couple of songs that his mother
had liked, can’t r4emember the name of songs; but
they were old songs and he sang them nice.
Diana of Ilion, N.Y.; a Monkee fan for years and a fan til I die


From: “Mattaliano, Mike”

Hi Brad – I saw the Atlantic City show at the Taj – I’m not saying it was
bad – I really like the acoustic part – but I thought the overall vibe –
the sound wasn’t loud enough – I really like seeing Micky playing the drums
– I wish they would have done something a little different for their final
tour – I really didn’t like that band Natural – and I didn’t like the way
the show started with the band playing like an overture of all their songs –
I prefer the Monkees theme – it always got everybody really siked – although
they did do a lot of the HEAD songs which were great! I can’t say I was
completely disappointed – I guess I was hoping for something a little
different – I thought the ’97 tour was the best yet … also pi**ed at Nez
… but the MOnKEES still rule ..
Also the “official” tour web site really sucks.


From: “Leger, Twana (CCI-Bossier)”

We just got back from Tunica Mississippi to see the Monkees and let me tell
you it was the best show since 1986 that I have seen. The audience was
thrilled but no-one was as thrilled as me.
We were on the first row and standing right in front of Mickey, I was in
heaven. I have been a fan since the 60’s and will die a die hard fan. It
was a fabulous show. They just keep amazing me. I hope they keep on


From: XxMonkeeGirlxX

I went to the concert in Merrilville, Indiana last night and it was the
best night of my life. We were in the last row but since the theatre was
so small we were still really close. We met some people there and they
said there were empty seats in front of them so my friend Jessica and I
went and sat in the celebrity circle. We were about 15 feet away from
them! We got so many good pics and then at the end of the concert we were
at the stage and Peter and Micky grabbed our hands! Davy wouldn’t come
over to us but he still waved and I swear he smiled at me! (If you want to
know the whole concert story go to

and click on Pleasant Valley Sunday). Note to the girl who threw a wool hat
on stage at another concert – Davy was wearing a green one with buttons
when they sang Papa Gene’s Blues and I got a pic if that’s your hat. Email
me – xxmonkeegirlxx@a…


From: “Kathryn Curry”


I did this once before to you when I went to see Micky Dolenz in concert
last year, but I have to say it again. I went to The Monkees concert twice
this month. Once in Lowell and again yesterday in Merrillville (which was
an easier trip since I live in southern Illinois). I had the best time of
my entire life at these concerts. It was a dream come true. You have made
dreams come true. I just want to thank you for you web site, for all the
information that you have on it, and for letting me write this. Thank you
so very, very much. It is a wonderful site that I got to quite
often. Thank you.


(ed: thanks!)


From: Becky Keeslar

Just to let everyone know, the concert at Merrillville, IN
this evening was great fun. If you have yet to attend, I
can speak from previous experience of attending four
previous Monkees concerts in the past 14 years (or so),
this was, by far, the most enjoyable. Peter, Davy, Micky
and their back up musicians (and dancers so-to-speak) were
amusing and their antics reminded me of what The Monkees
was orignally all about. It wasn’t about serious music,
but serious fun with music as an added benefit. Their
banter, jokes and play made the concert more than just
another concert. It was quite a delightful evening
listening to the original boy band.


From: Raena Aura

Star Plaza review

OH MY GOSH! IT WAS GREAT! I’ve never been to a better concert! And the
guys were still the energetic people they once were. Well, at least it
seemed that way when they were on stage. It was hilarious, because Micky, at
the end of “Randy Scouse Git” just kept banging on the drum even though the
song was over, and Davy and Peter were like, “Micky, Micky! The song’s over!
You can stop playing!” Some person had to come and roll the drum away from
him. And Micky was like, “Where am I? Why am I here? Why are all these
people here?” And Peter was like, “Micky needs a Prozac.” Davy, during one
of the songs, even had on a hat identical to Mike’s, which almost made me cry
because he wasn’t there. And Natural was great too! I even got Ben’s
autograph after the concert! Oh, and when Davy sang “Daydream Believer”
everyone got up and started dancing and singing along with. It was very
moving. My friends and I were doing the “Davy Dance” in the aisles (even
though we got some strange looks from people around us). I don’t care if
they’re in their fifties and over 40 years older than me, I love ’em!
After the concert, my friends, my little sister, and I tried to sweet
talk the security guard into letting us backstage. Unfortunately, I think we
overdid it because he started yelling at us. So we went outside and decided
to see if they would come out the back entrance. They didn’t. So we went
back in. That was when we saw some of the guys from Natural. So we’re like,
“Let’s get their autographs. They’re pretty cute.” We only had time to get
Ben’s when suddenly we heard people talking excitedly behind us. We turned,
and low and behold, there was Davy and Micky! I don’t know where Peter was
at the time. So I grabbed the marker from my little sister and held my
Monkees CD up and called out, “Davy! Micky! Over here!” to try and get
their autographs. Unfortunately, the mean security guard just happened to be
with them, so he kind of blocked me. But Micky grinned at me, and Davy
turned, smiled, waved, and said, “Hi!” I couldn’t believe it! Davy said hi
All in all, the music was great, the guys were hilarious, Natural was
awesome, and the concert was just long enough to really get into it.
::sigh:: Now if only they’ll do another soon, and Mike would show up…
Peace Out!
Raena Aura


From: “jane turner”

Hi Brad,

Keeping up on all the news has been great.
You are doing a really good job.

We made it out to the Palace Theater, OH in good time (three hours). Had
good seats (Row W). Meet a new friend that was more excited them me
(exchanged E-mail address). Got home just past 2 AM.

I thought the concert was GREAT!!!!! Natural was not as bad as most were
saying. Having them in the middle was nice. I kinda liked it that way. The
over all crowd was great, whole variety of ages. I did not care for the
Guys telling everyone to go back to their seats all the time, but it is
understandable. I was disappointed that I could not hear what they were
saying when talking. Then the music really loud.
Oh well to all that, They were still great.!!!

My girls loved it.

I have no story of meeting them though. I guess I just never will.
How do you get to do that? I tried a few ways and got no where. What is the
As my hubby says, do you know how many stories these people hear, what
makes yours any different.

Although I do know he got my card. I have always given him a card every
time I have seen him in person. I do know he got that. (I hope), but the
person I asked said he was just opening it. I have always sent a Christmas
card too and have gotten about a 75% return on those since 1986. Thank You
He would recognize the front of the envelope, the same for years, WE MISS
MILWAUKEE!!!! Along with I’m A Believer!!! Davy

Got my pictures back and they were very dark, I kinda expected that
thought, But it is memories for my kids and I.

Once again!!!!!

Thanks for all the NEWs, keep up all the good work. I will miss it once
the tour is over.

Love Always,

PS Thanks!!!!!!!


From: Tom G

To Dori & Tara(Monkees in Atlantic City)

Thanks for bringing back memories of the old “Rum Point”. I believe that was
actually Dolenz,Jones, Boyce & Hart in 1976. You must be from the Atlantic
City area to remember that. I saw the Monkees for the 1st time also on St.
Patty’s Day in Atlantic City & thought it was fantastic, even though the
reviewer for the Atlantic City Press TRASHED the performance the night
before. His beef was that they played their solo spots, but anyone who is
familiar with the Monkees live know they have done that since ’67. The
reviewer also trashed their looks, well who here looks the same as they did
35 years ago? Close to 3000 people (& maybe more as both shows were SOLD OUT)
thought enough to shell out $40 or $60, & I don’t think ALL of them were on a
nostalgia trip. Anyway, I was VERY pleased with the concert. Personally Peter
was my favorite. He is a TRUE talent as a musician & now I am VERY eager to
see him with Blue Suede Shoes next month in Asbury Park! Hope you all who
haven’t seen them yet on this tour (& HOPEFULLY the summer tour) enjoy them
1/2 as much as I did. I would go again, even if it was the same show.

Tom G
Brigantine, NJ

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Subject: Tour Items, A summer tour?? Calling all small monkees fans!

If anyone wants me to purchase Monkees items for them on the current
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Checks in the mail will not reach me in time. Add $4.00 per item for USA
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From: “Kampert, Pat”

Hi Brad:

I’m a reporter for the Chicago Tribune’s KidNews section, geared to kids
8-14. I’m doing a story about how kids that age are really interested in a
lot of older music and wanted to contact some Monkees fans in that age group
to ask them why they enjoy the Monkees so much, and what kind of reactions
they get from their friends and family about their musical preferences. Is
it OK to post such a request for kids and/or their parents to contact me on
your message board?

Thanks for your help.

Patrick Kampert
Chicago Tribune


The Monkees official tour web site:

has put up some new tour pictures.


From: KitKat

Murder, She Wrote
60 min.
Families’ fortunes ride on a once-injured Thoroughbred whose trainer (Mickey
Rooney) is murdered. Catherine: Tippi Hedren. Wally: Don Murray. Tracy: Ami
Dolenz. Lloyd: Stephen Macht. Paul: Sean O’Bryan. Jill: Shawnee Smith. Angela

Mon 2 A&E
Mon 2 3:00 PM

Tue 3 10:15 AM Invisible Mom 2 SHOWTIME

Peace Out!


From: Jeff

MIME-Version: 1.0
Hello all,

Those of you in areas with stations that carry the syndicated (Monday-
Friday) version of “7th Heaven”: the original episode featuring Peter
is scheduled to air Monday, April 2.

The 100th episode of “7th Heaven” is being rerun the same night on
the WB at 8pm EST, also featuring Peter in the last ten minutes or so.



From: Michelle

Hey everybody,

Just thought everyone would like to know that I wrote
an email to that reporter who was nasty to the Monkees and their fans from
the Washington post. If you would like to do the same her email addy is


From: Bernita Myers

Our local paper has an article today about the upcoming schedule for the
two main concert venues in the Pittsburgh area:

“…If you grew up with Buffy and Jody (or even older sister Cissy), you’ll
be thrilled to know that the talent on tap at the Post-Gazette Pavillion
and the I.C. Light Ampitheatre this year includes a Mike Love-only version
of the Beach Boys as well as the Monkees, the Turtles and Tommy James….”

The schedule does not have the Monkees listed with either the “Summer
Oldies Celebration” or “That 60’s Show”. There is a statement following the
(sparse) confirmed dates at the I.C. Light Ampitheatre that says:
“Performers whose concert dates have not been set: The Monkees, Lyle Lovett
and the Beach Boys.”


This could mean that their tour is continuing into the summer. Or, it could
mean that Fishof is just keeping his options open, by including “The
Monkees” as a possibility.

I hope it’s the former. : ) The show that we saw in Columbus was great.
And this time I’ll make sure that I bring my camera!



From: Marlene

Hi, I had tickets to see Davy in concert in reading, PA. on Feb. 24th, that
one was rescheduled for April 22 according to the theater. Now, I have
just found out that on was cancelled and will not be rescheduled. This is
so horrible, now I have missed out on seeing Davy and The Monkees at all,
because I could only afford tickets to one concert and I purchased these
back in October, even before The Monkees announced their reunion tour…….

Thanks for reading this!



From: Bernita Myers

Columbus Concert Review

The show was great! The energy and enthusiasm were tremendous, both from
the audience and from the guys.

Peter and Davy both seemed to be really “on” and really connected. They
were both moving around the stage a lot, fooling around, and even dancing
together quite a few times. Davy would start something and catch Peter’s
eye and he’d follow along, or vice versa. Lots of eye contact with each
other and lots of grins. Micky wasn’t moving around quite as much, and when
he sang, seemed to be keeping his eyes closed a lot of the time. I saw
several times when Davy was trying to catch Micky’s eye, and then would
look at Peter and the two of them would launch into some silliness together.

All of them sounded wonderful. Micky’s voice was clear and strong (without
the overly dramatic/verging-on silly edge that he sometimes gets.) Peter’s
voice was also strong and Davy too – he didn’t lapse into some of the
warbley “Bee Gees” style that he had been doing recently.

The first half of the concert was “lighter”. They were more playful, joking
around more. The second half (after intermission and after “Natural”)
seemed more like the concerts in the UK; concentrating more on the music.
There was less banter and it seemed as though they just did one song right
after the other. And the music was louder. And tight. Everything just

I was pleased to see that their clothes were mostly all quite reasonable.
Nothing silly or over the top. No Elvis, no sombrero, no outfits that made
me feel like cringing. Micky’s hair was pony-tail free, and Davy’s hair
looked good; a little longer, with some grey. (My kids loved when Micky
pointed at Davy’s hair during one chorus of “Shades of Grey”). Peter’s hair
was standing up all over but I thought it looked kind of flattering.
(Although I heard my 8 year old saying: “I guess they were in a hurry to
get here just like we were. Peter didn’t even have time to comb his
hair…”) I didn’t buy the picture they were selling, but it was a very
flattering picture of all three.

“Natural” was fine. Cute young guys. A few of their songs were catchy. My
kids all still liked the Monkees better. I had two thoughts about Natural.
One thought is that the reason that they were performing in the middle of
the show was to give MD&P a longer break. Combining Natural’s set with the
intermission gave the guys a good 45 minute rest. I cannot really convey
the level of energy that Davy, Peter and Micky showed. That was one of the
things that my husband and sister both commented on – their intense energy.
My husband was especially sobered by the thought that this concert wasn’t
just a weekly event; it was sandwiched in a very busy schedule.

The other thought about Natural is that Davy, Micky and Peter must feel
pretty good about themselves. I would think it would be kind of
intimidating, as 50-somethings, to showcase some good-looking really young
kids right in the middle of their set. Of course the audience was there for
the Monkees, and even though Natural got quite a few shrieks and catcalls,
the Monkees were clearly the audience’s favorite.

A few surprises:

They sang “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) which was not on any set list
that I’ve seen so far.

Micky only played drums for one song, (I think “Mary, Mary”) but he did
sing lead for it. (That’s not including the kettle drum for “Randy Scouse

There were some new jokes. And no “Tarzan” joke.

People had commented about the antics of the 3 horn players, and they
really were funny. They sort of danced or pantomimed during the songs they
weren’t playing on. Peter looked over at them and imitated them a few times.

A few disappointments:

I wish that they would each do something different for their solo song. I
understand that there wasn’t a lot of rehearsal time, but still; they all
do solo concerts and surely have something else up their sleeve. Peter’s
“Lucille” is my favorite of the bunch, but it would be fun to hear
something else from him. Micky does a good job on “Since I Fell For You”,
but he does a good job on *lots* of songs; I’d love to hear him crooning
something new. And, if I never hear “Girl” again, it would be fine with me!
Davy has some wonderful solo songs, and I am just sick of hearing “Girl”!

The merchandise was pretty limited. And pricey. I understand that they
didn’t have a lot of lead time to come up with tons of stuff. But I wonder
why they weren’t selling Monkee CDs or even solo CDs.


Davy and Micky joined Peter at the keyboard and they sang “Shades of Grey”,
with Davy and Peter each taking the lead for one verse. It was lovely.

The unplugged set. They could have done the whole show like that, as far as
I’m concerned. They were keeping up some of the bantering, but the music
and vocals were wonderful. It just sounded so fresh.

My 10 year old neice sat through the entire concert with the most
tremendous huge grin! Her eyes were glittering and she was just thrilled!

It was a really long concert. Not too long – they really covered quite a
lot of songs. Very satisfying. : )

hoping for a summer tour – I’d definitely see this show again!


From: Kim Land

Recent Monkees concert March 25, 2001 in Merrillville, Indiana

Hello, just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Monkees concert in
Merrillville, Indiana, on Sunday, March 25, 2001.

The Monkees themselves, the quality of music, and the enthusiasm of
everyone connected with the show made it a really great experience.
Was really surprised to see the variety of age groups in the crowd – all
the way from teens to 60’s, and everyone seemed to be having as good a
time as we were. In spite of having seen the old TV show years ago I
didn’t realize how naturally funny Mickey and Peter are in person – all
three of them were so entertaining.

Really enjoyed hearing some of the compositions written by Mike Nesmith
too, which as we recall had not been included in the earlier concerts in
the late 90’s. The band members who played towards the back of the
stage who also doubled as dancers were hilarious and added a lot to the
show! Enjoyed the band Natural very much as well.

Hope you will be returning to Merrillville, Indiana in 2002 or 2003 – if
so, we’ll be there again, and with more of our friends!


Kim Land


From: Donna_M_Cusano

Hi Brad,

Had to put in my two cents about this Washington Post review. I thought the
Monkees were great in Atlantic City! Every time I see them, I feel six again!
(And that’s not such a bad thing since I’m turning 40 later this
summer!!!) And
I certainly do think they have grown old gracefully. Sounds like the writer is
a l little jealous and might want to consider a few nips and tucks.

On another note….can you post a note on the web site to ask anyone who might
have pics from the 3/16 concert to email me at dms81061@a… Would love to
get a copy and would be willing to pay. My camera died and I know there were a
lot of people taking pics. Thanks.



From: (Kelly O’Toole)

Columbus Concert

After 15 years and a 6 hour drive from Michigan, I finally got to live a
dream. I saw the Monkees on March 22 at the Palace Theatre in Columbus,

“Weren’t they good?/They made me happy”–these lines from “Listen to the
Band” summarize the evening. Micky, Davy and Peter looked and sounded
great. They were all that I’d hoped they would be. . .and more! What
impressed me most was the incredible energy
of all the performers. The Monkees gave 110%. A tremendous vibe hung in
the air, a vibe that the Monkees were happy to be performing together
and happy that we all came to see them. I felt as if they were giving
everyone a warm embrace.

The only damper on the evening, for me, was the migraine I’d been having
since that afternoon. Unfortunately, the medication I’d taken didn’t
even begin to relieve the pain, which is unusual. I felt ok until
Natural took the stage and played 5 times louder than the Monkees had.
Suddenly my head felt as if it had been the kettle drum Micky had banged
on during “Randy Scouse Git.” I got so hot I thought I might burst into
flames. My stomach was performing Riverdance.

My husband helped me outside for some fresh air. He left me on the
sidewalk, at my request, to make the 5 minute walk to our hotel for a
Migraine Ice. (It’s a gauze pad that adheres to your forehead and stays
cold for hours.) I’m sure anyone who saw me thought I was drunk, stoned
or crazy: I paced the sidewalk holding a cold damp towel (given to me
by a theatre employee–thank you!) to my head, trembling and muttering
prayers that I would stay well enough to make it through the Monkees’s
second set.

When my husband returned he steered me to a fairly empty section of the
balcony where few people would see me–the Migraine Ice doesn’t exactly
make a favorable fashion statement. We could still see well and because
I wasn’t blocking anyone’s view I was on my feet dancing and singing for
the rest of the show. The “Daydream Believer” singalong was awesome.

Afterward I curled into a fetal position until the theatre emptied and
then my husband helped me wobble back to the hotel. The migraine lasted
3 days, but I barely remember the pain. However, I’ll never forget the
magic of that concert. I feel lucky to have been there. I only wish I
could’ve thanked the Monkees personally for the fabulous concert and for
the immeasurable happiness they’ve brought me through the years. Thank
you, Monkees. And to all Monkees fans: Peace, love and good health.


From: Corleen LaVare

I saw the Monkees in Verona NY on March 21st. It was
the best thing i have ever seen! During “Look Out
(Here Comes Tomorrow) when Davy usually says “Mary I
love you” and then “Sondra I love you” he yelled “Mary
I love you” and he put his head on Peter’s shoulder
like he was crying and then he turned and yelled “and
Sondra loves Mary, it’s 2001 what can i say?” My mom,
my aunt, and a friend of ours and i stayed at the
hotel overnite. The hotel people told us that they
left and someone else said she saw them get on a bus,
so we finally gave up and went to do other things.
Mom and her friend (Bunny) went to the casino in the
hotel while my aunt and i headed for the pool. When
we got there we saw that the pool had closed at 10:00
(it was well after 11:00) so we started to head back
to the room. As we were waiting for the elevator, my
aunt started pounding on my arm and yelling “it’s
micky dolenz! micky is over there!” I laughed cuz i
thought she was joking. Then i heard someone who was
working with the band say “oh wow Micky Dolenz”
(sarcastically) and i turned around and HE WAS THERE!
(then i saw his face…now i’m a believer lol) So my
aunt and i rushed over to the casino and found mom and
bunny, then went off in search of micky. After
wandering around for about twenty minutes, we gave up
and headed to this restruant called the Emerald. Just
as we got there he walked out. Mom, Bunny and i
followed him down the hall (Aunt Debbie was hungry and
tired of stalking the poor man so she went into the
restruant). He went into a store so we waited for him
at the door. when he came out Bunny asked if he would
sign autographs for us; he said “sure”. Mom snapped a
picture of him signing (Bunny and i are just staring
at him) and then asked if could get a picture of him
with her daughter. He said “sure, which one is your
daughter?” (Mom is 40, Bunny is 45, and i am 17) and
then he put his arm around me and mom took the
picture. When he started to walk away i called out
“thank you” and he said “you’re welcome darlin'”. In
school yesterday my best friend gave me a necklace
that says “darling” because of that. i guess that is
all i have to say about it for now except that i am
trying to get that picture on the yahoo club Randy
Scouse Git2 but the scanner is giveing me a hard time.
AKA: CT the Davy-mauler-Micky-catcher
AKA: Darlin’


From: Christi York

Merrillville, IN show

What a show! This was my 3rd Monkees concert and was
the best! So far…. We sat in the 7th row and even
moved up in the middle of the show. The guys were
great and no matter what the critics say, so was the
While waiting to get into the theater, we met some
cool people. Jessica and Ashley were seeing them for
the first time and were soooo excited. There were
some empty seats around us so they got to join us
after intermission. I’m glad they had a good time.
Also in line, we met a little girl named Atlanta. She
was such a huge fan. She was singing songs that even
I didn’t know the words to. It is so neat to see fans
of so many ages.
Back to the show….
I took a blue glo stick in and it proved to be a
useful tool. Considering I was the only one with
anything ike it, the guys kept looking and waving. At
one point Davy was mocking me! If anyone is going to
a how, let me suggest that you taking something like
it. At the end of the show, when everyone crowds the
stage, I was waving the stick and Peter and Micky (my
absolute fave) came over and I touched them!!!! Micky
even touched the stick. Needless to say, the ‘blue
dork stick’ will not be thrown away.
All in all, an AWESOME show! the guys were great, the
band was great, and Natural was great! Looking
forward to the next tour.

Gotta love em….comicchicyork


From: Mary Bainter

Monkees – Merrillville

My husband and I and our four year old son went to the concert in
Merrillville, IN on Sunday. My husband would be a first generation fan, I
guess I am second generation, and our son – third? All we know for sure is
he thinks he IS Mike Nesmith.

I was really surprised at just how many little children were there.
Especially since it is very hard to find the Monkees on TV now. But I can
see there are a lot of young fans. And then there were those who had to be
at least in their 70’s & everyone in between.

The show was great – worth every penny. The guys were great. They had an
excellent band. They played just about everything we wanted to hear (after
all they didn’t have time to play every song they’ve ever recorded). We
were glad to hear Shades of Grey, The Porpoise Song, and other songs that
are not necessarily as well known as Last Train to Clarksville. We really
enjoyed their humourous conversation between songs too.

By the time of the intermission our son was getting tired and we were ready
for a little break. And I’m sure Micky, Davy and Peter needed one too. We
really thought having Natural play then was a good idea. My husband took
our son for a little walk (in hopes that it would help him stay awake for
the rest of the show). I took a short break and came back in for part of
their performance and it really was pretty good. I especially liked the
medley of Billy Joel songs they did.

When the Monkees came back on stage – we were refreshed and ready for more.
We especially enjoyed the encore songs when the guys came back out and just
about the whole audience was singing and dancing along with them.

We were seated towards the back but my husband went up near the front a few
times to take pictures. One time he took our son along so that he could see
the guys better. I think that was when he really understood that he was
seeing the real Monkees.

After the show we waited (with many others) around a stage door hoping to
get autographs or even just say “Hi!”. We waited probably close to an hour.
Then someone came and told us that the guys were staying in the hotel
(attached to the theatre). The man told us that Davy had went to his room
already but Micky was in the Restaurant/Bar and would probably give some
autographs. He wasn’t sure where Peter was.

So we went in. There were quite a few people waiting. We could see Micky at
the bar eating. We talked to some other families that had been at the show.
After Micky was done eating he signed some autographs and I was able to get
my son’s stuffed monkey signed. He said “Thank you, Darlin'” and I felt
like a teenager again.
It was certainly worth the wait.

Our only regret is that the concert is now over – and the rest of the
concerts are too far for us to travel to. I really hope the rumors about a
video being produced are true. We would certainly buy one, just to help us
remember all the details of a wonderful evening.

Mary Bainter


From: “jeanine d.”

Merrillville story….

As I sit down to write this, it is my intention to remain mature when
re-living my experiences over this past weekend in Merrillville, IN.
Please, please, please remember, I’m a 34 year old single mom of an 8
year old boy who has nothing but reality hitting her in her face 98% of
the time.

The Monkees have a way of making me forget all the little dramas of
daily life. I think that is what has kept me such an avid fan over the
years. They’re not like the other “teen idols” I worshipped as a
While the other “boys” have spent a great deal of their adult life
trying to prove themselves as serious artists and becoming bitter men,
the Monkees have remembered what the whole phenomenon was about. They
have fun with the fact that they were crazy, wacky boys and they know
that to the true fan there is no need to prove their talents.

Which brings me to the concert this weekend…

As the guys walked out on stage I was so happy! I couldn’t even clap or
scream initially, I was in awe. I really thought that I would never get
a chance to see the three of them together on a stage ever again. I
had heard Davy say in a television interview that he didn’t ever see
himself being part of a Monkee project ever again and I thought that I
would have to live on the memories of past concerts. Well I thank my
lucky stars I was wrong! WHATA NIGHT!

They all looked fabulous and they sounded even better. I had read some
postings and knew that the show would be long and that they would play
some songs that I had never heard them play in concert before (I really
don’t know how many shows I’ve seen) but all of the hype could not have
prepared me for what was to follow. The things that impressed me the

1) The “unplugged” set—All I could think was—Screw anyone who says
these guys aren’t talented.
2) All the songs from Head—I always tell people who doubt my Monkee
worshipping that if they could only hear some of their less popular
songs, they would convert.
3) Micky’s blues number—-he ALWAYS blows me away with that one
4) Pete’s Bach solo—all I can say is YOWZA!!

Although the concert was long, I was disappointed it was over as soon as
it was.

We left the concert and went back to the hotel bar where some drunk,
obnoxious men hit on me and my friend for a half hour while we relived
our night. Then when I had just got comfortable with my memories and my
Long Island Iced Tea, I turned around to see Micky walking up to the

(Here’s where you need to know that Micky, above all others, is the guy
I would most want to hang out with. You know that question, If you
could have a dinner party and invite three people dead or alive, who
would you invite???? Micky would get the invitation. Who cares about
the other two. Through all the bad times I’ve had I’ve always been
able to rely on him. I can pop in my videos and laugh at him or I can
play my CDs and dance around my house. In a way, he’s been my security
blanket. It goes way beyond that, but to go into it further may lead you
to question my sanity.)

Well there he is, sitting at the bar..with a zillion people around him.
All I could think was-That poor guy, he can’t even eat his burger in
peace—but GOD! I want to go say hi too! So I sat in my chair trying
to decide whether or not to let the guy have some privacy. Well he
didn’t get any privacy for what seemed like an hour. Finally the crowd
was gone and I decided I had to go get a picture, if he was willing, or
I would regret it for a long time. He posed for the picture and I was
happy. We aren’t best friends, in fact, I can’t remember if he even
said anything. But he was nice enough to smile and put his arm around
my waist and I will remember that for a REALLY long time.

As the night went on Peter showed up, I won’t say what he was up to, but
what WERE you up to Pete?!?!?

Davy came too. He wanted to watch the Oscars.

I just want to let all three of them know that last Sunday night, they
made this 34 year old single mom of an 8 year old boy very happy. I
hope that they realize the impact that they have on some of us. Their
concerts are some of the most treasured memories I have. I get to be
wild, wear funky clothes and be truly happy. Tuesday I had to go back
to work at my really conservative job and come home to help my little
one with his homework and cook dinner and pay the bills and do the
laundry..but in the middle of all of the chores and daily grind, I find
myself thinking about the three of them and smiling. This weekend will
keep me going for a long time. Just as their past concerts have so many
times before.

Love is the ultimate trip,


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