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Early show change again

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From: Brad Waddell

From: –Jennifer

Wednesday morning on the CBS Early Show, they announced that the Monkees will
be performing on the plaza outside the studio at 10:30 am on Thursday.
However, the Early Show ends at 9:00, and the previously recorded concert
will be shown on the program next Friday (June 8th). They didn’t say whether
or not the Monkees will appear on the Early Show on Thursday, only that their
concert is scheduled for after the show.





From: “Christie West”

First of all, I just want to thank you for all the hard work you do
getting this newsletter out to all of us. If it weren’t for your efforts,
I don’t think I would have had any idea about the tour!

(ed: shucks!)

Went to the Lexington show Sunday, and it was great! (A lot more lively
than Columbus…the Columbus show was inside a fancy theatre, so they
wanted us to sit most of the time. Lexington was at a ballpark, so the
more people standing, the better!)
We got there pretty early, so we managed front row seats…and with the
exception of the REALLY drunk 50-something woman next to us who kept waving
album covers in our face, it was really a good time.
I am amazed at how much energy those guys still have. They put on a great
show, and I have to disagree with the woman who posted a review earlier
this week and complained about the 3 brass players (and dancers) in the
back. I thought they fit in really well with the whole atmosphere, and we
noticed that the guys kept looking back and laughing. I saw that those
same three brass players were dancing on Regis and Kelly this morning,
too! (I did, however, notice that on Regis, they said that their tour
kicks off on June 9th. Maybe they consider this a ‘pre-tour’?)
Hope everyone gets a chance to see the show. And I hope this isn’t their
last tour…I’m sure they have at least 10 good years left in them!
Thanks again.


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