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Davy on VH1 Thanksgiving Day

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Torka

Just got this off PR Newswire:

Thursday, November 25
On VH1 Classic
“A Very Classic Thanksgiving”
VH1 Classic has saved you a seat for its “A Very Classic Thanksgiving”
special which finds Dee “Twisted Sister” Snider, MC Hammer, Davy “The
Monkees” Jones, Lisa Lisa of “Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam,” Eddie Money and
Terri “Berlin” Nunn at the “grown ups’ table” sharing a traditional
holiday feast at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York and a high-energy
conversation on many topics. This one-hour special features marquee names
from rock, hip hop and R&B discussing how they broke into the music
business, what it was like to get to the top and what they’re doing now
among many other topics.
(Premieres at 7:00 p.m.)

Thought at least some of y’all might be interested. 🙂


Michael Nesmith competed on an NPR quiz show this weekend, and you can
listen to the show in it’s entirety at the web page below, which currently
features a picture of Nez (Execu-Nez)

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