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Davy on Brady tonight! Tork tour date cancelled!

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Wow, travel for a few days and the alerts really pile up! Hope you missed us? The Monkees-Alert list is now over 3000 members – welcome all Monkees fans, we hope to keep you up to date from now on. Now to the news!



From: Roseann Flickenger

The Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley Two Man Band concert at the Fulton

Opera House in Lancaster, PA, scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 3, 2001 has

been cancelled by the promoter due to uncontrollable circumstances.  The

venue has been trying to reach all ticket holders to inform them of the

cancellation.  If you are holding a ticket to the show, and have not

heard from the Fulton, call them at 717-397-7425 for more information.

James and Peter are sorry to miss everyone and said they’ll try to come

back again.



From: Donna

Hi Brad,

      The “Getting Davy Jones” episode of “The Brady Bunch” is on TV Land as

part of the Fandemonium weekend tonight @ 10:00 p.m. (eastern)



From: David Fishof Organization

Just wanted to give you the latest update!  You can put it on your site that the e-bay auction has ended and the proceeds $1,700 are going to go to The Make-A-Wish Foundation per the request of The Monkees.




From: “Al Bigley”

Thanks to Lee baber for this “clipping!”

Thursday February 01 03:00 PM EST

Monkees Re-Recording Hits For Teen-Pop Svengali

(2/1/01, 3 p.m. ET) – In a case akin to “life equaling art,” the Monkees–rock ‘n’ roll’s original made-for-TV band–are joining forces with Lou Pearlman, the Svengali behind teen-pop favorites such as the Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, and the new TV-formed outfit O-Town.

The plan is for Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Peter Tork to re-record new versions of hits such as “I’m A Believer,” “Daydream Believer,” and “Last Train To Clarksville” for release this spring on Pearlman’s Trans Continental label, according to a post on <>. There’s no word on when the album will be out, but the trio plans to kick off a tour March 1 in Clearwater, Florida, and wrap on April 4 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The Monkees are also considering a summer amphitheater tour.

— Gary Graff, Detroit

Al “Clip Service” Bigley


From: Muri

Hey there!

To all South Florida fans, the station Magic 102.7 is giving free Monkee tickets to the Pompano Beach show March 3rd. Listen up all week.



From: Roseann Flickenger

The review of “Once Again”, Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley’s new CD, appeared

in The Washington Times this past Saturday, January 27. You can find the

text of this article at and click on “Now Hear

This.”  (A copy of that portion of the article is also attached to this

e-mail, courtesy of Jay Votel, the author.)


The Washington Times

Saturday, January 27, 2001

PETER TORK and JAMES LEE STANLEY Once Again (Beachwood Recordings)

      Ex-Monkee Peter Tork and his musical partner, lifelong buddy James

Lee Stanley, have collaborated on a new CD, which made its national

debut this month at the World Folk Music Association benefit concert at

the Birchmere Music Hall. Mr. Tork was part of a two-day bill that

honored John Stewart, former member of the Kingston Trio, with a

lifetime achievement award.

      The connection between Mr. Stewart, Mr. Tork and this CD is one

song, “Daydream Believer,” a Stewart composition that scored a major hit

for the Monkees in the late 1960s. The two shared the stage with some

30 assorted folk artists to sing the song in a rousing encore at the end

of the first night of the Birchmere concert.

      A pensive version of the song is perhaps the best track on “Once

Again,” which features three Tork originals and five songs written or

co-written by Mr. Stanley. In addition to “Daydream Believer,” two other

covers appear on the disc — a swell version of Paul Simon’s “One Trick

Pony,” which arguably is the second best tune on the record — and a

Fred Neil song, “Another Side to This Life.”

      This is a stripped-down, spare record that features the best this

duo has to offer in its second recording project — good, California

harmonies at times reminiscent of the best studio efforts of Crosby,

Stills and Nash. The two voices and two guitars can be heard on every

track, and there is a little percussion on some of the songs. But the

music sounds very much like the fellows sound live and that’s truly

refreshing and somewhat retro.

      Mr. Tork’s composition, “Easy Rider,” opens the disc and it sounds

like a latter-day Monkees effort.

      His most appealing song on the disc is “Hi Hi Babe,” a

tongue-in-cheek kiss-off tune. Mr. Tork says in the song that after he

has put all of his lover’s belongings in a box and changed the locks on

the door, when she returns and knocks, he’ll greet her with a cheerful

“Hi, hi, hi, hi, babe, who was it you wanted to see?”

      “Easy Rockin'” is probably the best of Mr. Stanley’s songs on the

disc because of its flowing harmony.

      Anyone who was, or is, a fan of the Monkees might want to check

out the work Mr. Tork has been up to lately. Those who expect to hear

his comedic, off-key singing, a la “Your Auntie Grizelda,” will be in

for a pleasant surprise. — Jay Votel


From: Brad Senora

Hi all!


        Here’s more Atlantic City news: Ticket Master has posted the wrong

seating chart for The Monkees at the Xanadu Theatre in Atlantic City, on

March 16 & 17.  When I called the Taj Mahal Box Office, at (609) 449-5150,

I got this seating chart info:  Their Xanadu Theatre has just 1,300 seats

with only 3 Sections:  102 – 103 – 104 with Rows A-M, Left Section 102

seats with higher numbers (8 rows near row A, 18 rows in middle), are

closer to Center Section 103, in Right Section 104, lower numbers are

closer to the Center Section.  Tickets are $60- and $40- and went on sale

Saturday at noon thru Ticket Master.


         Watch out for early Ticket Master website on-line sales a day or

even days before tickets are “available to the general public”.  On the

tour date pages, the Ticket Master website features an extensive Monkees

Biography and a list of sale-priced CDs.  Accompanying Ticket Master

concert info is the phrase:  “Monkees Final Tour 2001”.  Does anyone know

what that means?!  Please reply.   Thanks for all your news!

        Happy Touring,


        from Karen Senora          


From: Joy Brown

I was watching on”Headliners and Legends” on MSNBC on the 27th, and there

was a nice size clip of Jack’s involvement w/the movie “Head”.  They also

solved the mystery of who the name of his girlfriend was in the ‘kissing’

scene at the beginning of the movie.  Her name was Mimi Micheu, an

actress.  I thought this was interesting.

Joy Brown


From: Roseann Flickenger

A *SECOND* show has been added for Peter and James Lee Stanley on the

schedule for the Coffee Gallery/Backstage agenda for

Saturday, Feb. 10.  It’s at 10PM, and there are still some seats

available.  Here’s the info:

        Where:  Coffee Gallery/Backstage

                2029 N. Lake

                Altadena, CA  91001

        Phone:  626-398-7917

        Cost:   $10/person



                for more information and directions.



From: LAR

I just wanted to let you know that the concert that will be held at Sam’s

Town in Tunica, MS will not allow anyone under the age of 21 to attend.

I love this alert.  It is great!

Thank you,


(editor: This is a typical problem for casino show. Unfortunately, casinos are one of the easiest venues to get into with a show like this, because the casino will take the risk, as long as adults are brought to the show. If you think they should allow minors, call the venue and complain!)


From: Estrella Lee

The following article was mentioned on a.m.m.

It has a little more clarification on the live album and a live video.


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Monkees Swing Back Into Action on the Road, in Studio

By Teri vanHorn

The Monkees are back in action with their first tour

in five years and a collaboration with a 21st-century

version of themselves.

The ’60s hit-makers will head into a Florida studio

next week to record new versions of their hits

accompanied by up-and-comers Natural, the latest from

boy-band mogul Lou Pearlman, the man who helped

kick-start the careers of ‘N Sync and the Backstreet


The super-boy-band is expected to record three songs,

“Daydream Believer,” “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone,”

and “Valleri,” Natural’s publicist said. Like the

Monkees, Natural play their own instruments.

The songs will be packaged along with live tracks to

be recorded during the Monkees’ upcoming joint tour

with Natural on an album due later this year via

Pearlman’s EMG label. The tour’s Atlantic City, N.J.,

stops on March 16 and 17 will be filmed for a planned

concert video and DVD.

The Monkees will kick off the five-week trek on March

1 at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Fla., with

Natural opening the show. Dates run through a

seven-night stand at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

Original members Davy Jones (vocals), Peter Tork

(bass), and Mickey Dolenz (drums) are aboard for the

tour and recording sessions; guitarist/songwriter

Michael Nesmith is sitting out.

“We are honored to be working with such legends of pop

history. The Monkees have served as a model and an

inspiration for all our Trans Continental artists,”

Pearlman, who runs the Trans Continental management

company and label, said in a statement.

Rhino will release the four-CD boxed set The Monkees

Music Box on February 13. The set will include some

previously unreleased alternate versions of Monkees


The Monkees last reunited for a tour in 1996. The

group members continue to tour solo between reunion


<snip previously announced tour dates>


Dreamers dream, wishers wish,

but doers make both come true.

–Author Unknown


From: “Steven Bradley”

Every Saturday, the (London) TImes arts supplement ‘Play’ has a feature

called ‘The Vulture’, that ‘picks over the bones of reissued classics’. Each

week features a CD, a book and a video. The issue for 3 February features

the reissued Mike Nesmith albums ‘And The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ (1972)

and ‘Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash’ (1973). Here is the review…

Reissued by Camden, 2000

News that Michael Nesmith is currently attempting to sort out the world’s

problems by inviting leading intellectuals to appear at his grandly named

Council of Ideas brains trust in New Mexico may perplex former fans of the

Monkees. Back in the Sixties, he played the woolly hatted straight man in

that zany group.

However, those familiar with his Seventies solo work will not be surprised

by his intellectual pursuits. The recently reissued ‘And The Hits Just Keep

On Comin’ was one of the most literate records of the decade, a stark

appraisal of post-Monkees’ fame. In tackling his blighted love life, Nesmith

approached doomed relationships with the philosophical detachment of John

Stuart Mill. This important work was followed by the less cerebral ‘Pretty

Much Your Standard Ranch Stash’, which featured a full country ensemble and

included Nesmith favourites, such as ‘Some of Shelly’s Blues’ and ‘Winonah’.

Currently available as a bargain two-for-one package, these albums attest to

Nesmith’s importance in bridging country, pop and rock…..

Elsewhere in the Times (same day) is an article about current TV series

‘Popstars’. A TV company has auditioned hundreds of young hopefuls to put

together a pop band – sound familiar, Monkees fans? Each programme has seen

unsuccessful applicants jettisoned from the project as they gradually

whittle down to the final 5 for the mixed group. The TV company are under

pressure, though, accused of promoting the first release by ‘Inner-Spin’ in

breach of advertising rules. “We have been monitoring the series, but we

cannot judge what they do until we see what happens, once the band is

formed” said a spokesman. “However, it has to be remembered that products

created by a show’s format are a special case (for avoiding advertising

rules)” he added, “in the Sixties the Monkees did what ‘Popstars’ is doing


from Steve Bradley.


From: Trey

Hello Everyone,

  I see in the Chicago Tribune that tickets are onsale now for the

Merrillville, IN Monkees concert on March 25.  I found it surprising

that the concert is at 4pm.  It is a Sunday afternoon.  The ad had a

picture of all four Monkees from the 60s but where Mike would be

was a big Monkees logo and the words “The final Monkees 2001

tour” so you can only see the touring Monkees.


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