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Davy Jones is scheduled to appear on “The Roseanne Show” this Thursday,Jan

March 27, 2011 by  
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Davy Jones is scheduled to appear on “The Roseanne Show” this Thursday,
Jan. 27th. The web page at
lists stations that air the show but I’d double-check this information
in your local tv listings (since I know that some of the information on
this page is not up-to-date).



From: “bandsix”

Well what do you think – The Roseanne Show with Lulu (and David) will be
shown on Channel 5 on 31st January at 9am here in the UK. It has already
been shown in the USA.

So that means you will need to check – maybe with Channel 5 direct or in
the papers to see when the Roseanne show with David will be shown.

This info is also added to the web page – just in case you want to check it
out again, and again, and again

Kirk & Sue>>/~bandsix

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