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Davy Jones in TV Guide

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Brad

The new January 23 edition TV Guide magazine features a big photo of Davy
Jones as #9 in the top 25 all time greatest Teen Idols review.


From: Thomas Fuschetto

FRIDAY, JAN. 21st!
WILD (Writers In Literary Discussion) welcomes you to watch a FREE film:

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A psychedelic film co-wrtten by Jack Nicholson and The Monkees.

Leonard Maltin:

“This overlooked item is a delightful explosion of crazy ideas with no
coherent plots, many old film clips, some good songs, and such unlikely
guest stars as Sonny Listen and Victor Mature. Well worth seeing.”

Starring The Monkees, Frank Zappa (above), Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper,
Annette Funicello, Terri Garr, Sonny Liston, Carol Doda, Victor Mature, and



I don’t know if you could use this but an album by Penny Arkade was
recently released on the Sundazed label. Mike Nesmith produced it back
in 1967 and 1968 but it was never released until this year. It sounds
great, reminiscent of Buffalo Springfield and the Monkees. The bass
player from the group has the album’s liner notes (which he wrote) on his
website and mentions Nez quite a bit:


From: Joe

Found a bit on the net that says in 2005 there’s a good possibility of the
“new monkees” tv show coming out on DVD. Here’s the link:
thought you might like to know.


From: Jaeson Koszarsky

Hello & Happy New Year,

In a recent email someone asked about “New Monkees”
episodes. I have all 13 on VHS but the quality isn’t
great. I also have their album on vinyl, tape & CD
plus their Christmas song on the Warner Bros Yuelsville
compilation album and some of their music that wasn’t
included on the album (a copy of a tape from Dino Kovas).

Marty Ross recently played with his old band, The Wigs at:

The Sleigh Riders Benefit
Shank Hall
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
December 20

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend. There has been talk
about rereleasing their material on CD.

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