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Davy Hosts “The Royals!” Uncut DVD Sales Update!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

**Uncut Live DVD Update!**
Thanks to all who have reserved their copies of the new limited
edition “Monkees – Live Summer Tour – Extended & Uncut” DVD!
Unfortunately, the latest update from King Biscuit Entertainment is
not the big news we were hoping for. I was told that we have only
reached a little under 200 pre-orders at this time. Like previously
announced, 500 orders are needed to produce the uncut DVD. The
reason why numbers are not quite as high as we would have liked is
clearly the $49.98 price tag. While some fans have already showed
their support, other fans are not sure about spending that amount of
money on this product. I did ask about the possibility of a price
reduction and they responded saying “We understand people are
concerned with the price tag, but that is what we have to offer it
at. This is a small, limited production run where costs are higher
than normal.” Although we less than half way to our goal, King
Biscuit has not given up & will continue to take pre-orders. If we
keep at our current pace, we will reach 500 orders sooner than you
think. Unlike many other companies, King Biscuit actually listened
to the fans & their campaigns. Don’t let all of our hard work & King
Biscuit’s trust in us go to waste. Reserve your copy at
DVD so special.

**Davy Hosts TV Show**
Davy Jones has been named the host for the A&E series “Meet The
Royals.” At this time, he has filmed 10 episodes with a possibility
for more. The show is scheduled to begin airing on September 10.
(Thanks Mare)

**Davy Merchandise**
It recently became known that the merchandise Davy Jones takes with
him on his current solo tour will soon be available at his official
site’s store. (Thanks Mare) However, I have been told that the
Monkees memorabilia from past reunion tours is selling fast on the
road and because there is a limited amount, it will not be available

**On TV**
“Hey Hey We’re The Monkees,” the 1997 documentary that orginally
aired on the Disney Channel will be aired on PBS in some areas.
Although it will be shown on WTTW11 in the Chicago area on August 7
at 8pm, August 9 at 10pm, and Aug 11 at 1am, it may not scheduled to
air in other parts of the country. Check your local listings to see
if it will be on your local PBS station. (Thanks Kristina)

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From: “Holly”

I went to see Davy perform at RiverFest in Waukesha on Sunday the
27th and it was so awesome! A lady I had met on Saturday suggest I
make a sign; so that night I went across the street from my hotel
and got the supplies. I put Davy’s name at the top in huge bubble
letters and a red arrow that would point to me when held above my
head. On the sides I wrote “Look at my T-Shirt I made for this
concert” and “Will you sign it?” The shirt I had made had The
Monkee’s song “That was then, this is now” on it. That was then was
on the front with pix of Davy from the 60’s and on the back This is
now with older pix of davy. On the sides I put the Monkee’s logo.
All day Sunday I got loads of compliments on it.So on Sunday around
noon we went to the stage and got our seats. We had front row! we
off to the left side a bit because some people were there already.
My mom and my aunt and my sister went to go walk around while my
friend and I sat there. A man and women with all access passes on
walked over. The man said, “Are you here to see Davy?” I said, “Of
course!” We got to talking and the women noticed my shirt and
said, “Oh my you are davy fan! How old are you?” I replied, “16.”
She said, “Oh my stars!” Then she said that she had and extra 8×10
of Davy the picture that was printed in the paper. (The cover of
Daydream Believin’) And she then asked me if I wanted her to try
and get it signed by Davy! I said yeah and if she did I would give
her a hug. She said that seals it then.She never came back. I
never got the pic. So we sat through the Stones and Tina Turner
tribute bands. I was so excited to hear davy sing. I had my camera
ready even thought they weren’t allowed. I talked to the guard and
asked if he would yell at me for taking pictures but he said he
didn’t care. So now Davy’s band is setting up. I went and spent
$60 on merchandise. 2 T-Shirts, 2 guitar picks (I play so I had to
have them), a keychain, and his autobiography on tape.It’s getting
closer to the performance time. My friend and I went around to the
back of the stage to watch Davy come out of the trailor and walk to
the stage. I met a lot of nice people. Monkee’s fans are so nice!
So anyway a women I was talking to thought that that base player was
Davy and I mistaked the drummer for Davy. I don’t know how I could
have. Then it happened… A very short, very skinny, guy with
streaks of white in his hair wearing black pants and a sky blue
longsleeved shirt came out of the trailor. It was Davy at last! I
took some pictures and ran back to my seat with my friend at my
heels.I have never been to a Davy concert before or a Monkee’s
concert but I knew it was the same old shtick. Of course I didn’t
care it was all good. He’s so funny and he can still sing. And
that cat call! I love it! My first thought when he came out
was, “My he’s getting old!” A few times I thought he was going to
collapse because he would double over and hold on to a speaker. But
when he laughed and smiled he looked like himself some thirty odd
years ago. His laugh is so cute! I put my poster over the fence
that was holding us back. Davy saw it and read it then looked at my
shirt and gave me the thumbs up! Previoulsy when he was telling
jokes he looked right at me! So I’ll get to the part when he signed
my T-Shirt. This women sitting next to me had her 18 year old
daughter sitting on her lap holding a goldfish she had won at one of
the games there. Davy saw this and said, “Oh you have one of those
goldfish in a bag.” And he went on to joke about a goldfish in a
bag. Then, “Ya know what you got to do. You have to open up that
bag a bit so it can get some oxygen or else it’ll float on it’s
back.” The girl didn’t open that bag. “Just open a corner of it so
it can breath.” She still didn’t do it. “Oh for Christ’s sake!”
Then Davy got off the stage and took the goldfish. The people
started whooing.He opened the bag all the way, “Look he’s smiling at
me!” The only woman in the band said (talking in a high squeaky
voice like a goldfish I suppose) “Oh thank you Davy can I have a
kiss?” At this time I’m thinking Davy will have to give the
goldfish back to the girl and then I’ll take out my permanent marker
and ask him to sign my T-Shirt! And it happened… He came back
handed the goldfish to the girl and I turn to Davy, “Davy will you
sign my T-Shirt!?” He took the marker and said, “I usually don’t do
this. Who do you think I am Bobbie Sherman?” All I could feel was
the marker on my back and then he gave it back to me and before I
could ask for a hug he was off back to the stage.Other people were
coming to ask for his autograph too so I don’t feel so bad that I
didn’t get a hug or that picture. My friend took my camera and got
a great close-up picture of Davy signing my shirt. I still can’t
believe that happened. Right after that he sang my favorite
song “Daydream Believer.” I can’t wait to go to another Davy
concert! Now if only I can persuade my mom to take me to AIDA…

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