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“Best Of The Monkees” CD Release! Nez Interviews!

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Purchase the brand-new “Best of The Monkees” greatest hits
collection, which will be officially released tomorrow (4/29):


From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List–

**New SSB Dates**
After cancelling many of their dates scheduled for this year, Peter
& Shoe Suede Blues have started to add more dates to their small
summer itinerary. The following are three new dates announced
earlier this week: 7/18/03 Chester, NY Bodles Opera House */*/*
7/19/03 Baltimore, MD The Tattoo */*/* 9/1/03 Greenbelt, MD
Greenbelt Labor Day. For each Monkee’s tour schedule, visit the solo
tour dates page.

**”Best Of” TV Spots / On TV**
The $400,000 TV campaign that was announced last week for the
new “Best of The Monkees” collection is now underway! The new TV
spots are a couple minutes long and include segments from the TV
show to go along with the song clips. They are also adding a free
poster (from 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee) to your order when you
buy from their $18.98 TV offer. On May 2 at 3:35pm EST, Michael
Nesmiith’s “Tapeheads” will air on TMCXe. The Monkees’ 1968 cult-
classic film, “Head,” will be showing on May 2 at 5:35am EST on
STZCe & at 8:35am EST on STZCw. The movie will also be on STZCe at
5:45am EST and on STZCw at 8:45am EST on May 10. Micky
Dolenz’s “Mom, Can I Keep Her?” will air on SHOFe on May 4 at 3:30pm
EST, as well as on May 7 at 2:00pm EST & 10:15pm EST.

For more of this newsletter, visit The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site at – An official Monkees site”> – An official Monkees site
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From: “Al Bigley”

(Undated-AP) — Just how do Blink-182’s marigolds grow? Find out
in October when Home and Garden Television run a special
called “Rock Gardens.” Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 will allow cameras
into his private garden. The gardens of Grace Slick of Jefferson
Airplane and Micky Dolenz of The Monkees will also be featured.


From: “Videoranch Foreman”

Greetings from the ranch!

We’ve just received Square Dance on DVD. This is a story about Gemma
(Winona Ryder’s first starring role), a young girl from an old Texas
farm, and her coming of age. Click here to purchase for $14.98.

Nez Interviews:
Nez will be making a couple of appearances in the month of May. The
World Cafe will be broadcasting a radio interview on Thursday, May
8th. The World Cafe with David Dye can be heard on more than 150
stations nationwide. You can find out if your local station airs the
show by going to the website
online at 2 pm EST or 1 am EST.

Artist Pro Magazine has done a cover story on Nez for their May-June
issue. The Artist Pro Magazine is subscription based and won’t be
available on newsstands but this issue will be available for sale at in mid May. You can go to
you’d like to subscribe. We’ll let you know as soon as we receive

This week’s sale items:
The Complete First National Band Recordings on a 2 CD Set are on
sale for $21.95. Click here to purchase.

Dr. Duck’s Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce VHS and Television Parts
Home Companion VHS, buy both for $18.00. Click here to purchase.

Till next time,
The Staff at Videoranch

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