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Behind The Music Tonight! * Screen Gems Back * Tapeheads

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From: Kim

vh1 is showing the VH1 Monkees Behind the Music
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Brought together for a ’60s TV series, the Monkees produced memorable pop
hits like
“I’m a Believer,” while being lambasted for not playing on their own
albums. (In
Mon 7/17/00 9:00pm EST VH1
Sat 7/29/00 6:00pm EST VH1
Mon 7/31/00 9:00pm EST VH1

(I apologize for the bad formatting–just got this off


Many members of this great group have written to inform us that the Monkees
TV show is still on the Screen Gems Network, but just not this week, which
is a special 70’s week. It is expected to be back on next week and last
until August or September. Thanks!


From: Becky Keeslar

FYI – IMDB (Internet Movie Database) has listed this as its movie rental
of the week! It can be found at

One of our favorite little-known comedies is _Tapeheads_, a 1988
comedy starring Tim Robbins and John Cusack as a pair of out-of-work
security guards who start their own video production business. This
movie is the reason Devo re-recorded their hit “Baby Doll” in Swedish
and features other great music a made-up singing duo called The
Swanky Modes (played by Junior Walker and Sam Moore). In fact, the
soundtrack (which is amazingly hard to find) is a lot of fun.
Executive produced by Mike Nesmith, the film is full of fun cameos,
in-jokes and just plain odd humor. We were in heaven when we found
out it’s being re-released on DVD and VHS in October.

Becky Keeslar

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