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A Concert in California!

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From: Brad Waddell

This news is not on the Monkees official tour site, but you get all of the
latest updates here on the most popular source of Monkees information on
the net – The Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

Thanks to all of my contributors for making this resource so informative,
you are our eyes and ears!



From: Deidre

From the Monkeeland board:

THE MONKEES will be performing on SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, 2001, in BAKERSFIELD,

Walter Trout and the Free Radicals will be the opening act, starting at

This concert will benefit our local children’s charity’s, La Cresta
Foundation/WarmLine and H.E.A.R.T.S Foundation.

Cal State’s Amphitheater can hold approximately 2500 people — there will
be only 400 Reserved Seats, the rest is Lawn Seating.

For those of you wishing to purchase seats from my available block seats,
note these are sold with DINNER INCLUDED ONLY. Pricing is $50.00 per
person for center section, $40.00 per person for side section and $30.00
per person for lawn seating.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please contact me @:


This was the only info listed there.


From: Melhi

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There’s John Jorgensen’s version of “You Just May Be The One” which is very
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From: “Yahoo! Alerts – News”

Smash Mouth’s ‘Believer’ Cover Debuts On Charts (
Smash Mouth’s cover of the pop classic “I’m A Believer,” from the
soundtrack to the animated film Shrek, continues to make some noise. The
song, penned by Neil Diamond but perhaps best known as performed by the
Monkees, debuted at Number 19 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100
Singles chart while earning the “greatest gainer” designation with its
entry at Number 26 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart.


From: “Grant Taylor”

Hi there,

Further to the UK release of the “Hey Hey We’re The Monkees” doco VHS tape,
IMC have now decided to also put this out on DVD, which will make it the
first appearance ever on the new format.

Priced at around 15.99 pounds its catalogue number is: IMC326D and set for
release on 6th August, 2001.




From: “Davy’s Dream Web” –

Hello Everyone!

I received this information from a promoter yesterday who asked me to pass
this along. For those of you who would like to attend the Monkees 2001
Summer Tour in Florence, MA see below!

“July 19th at the Pines Theatre in Florence, MA (near Northampton).
Tickets can be bought by calling 413-586-8686 inside the 413 area code or
1-800-the-tick elsewhere. Our web page is”

Hope all of you have a wonderful week!


From: Kim

She’s Gotta Have It

30 min.

Helen goes on a buying binge with insurance money from her burned house;
Brian and Casey search for something they have in common besides sex.
Monkee Peter Tork has a cameo. Phil: Tom Parks. Helen: Crystal Bernard.
Casey: Amy Yasbeck. Brian: Steven Weber. Joe: Tim Daly.

Cast: Amy Yasbeck, Tom Parks, Peter Tork, Tim Daly, Steven Weber,
Crystal Bernard
Category: Comedy

Show times:
Date: Tuesday, July 10
Time: 11:30 AM EDT
Channel: USA

(from — as always, check your local listing and times)


From: Deidre Corwyn

Raleigh, NC concert info

July 24, a Tuesday, at 8 PM.

Tickets are on sale through or by calling 919-834-4000 .

The show is actually in Cary, NC, just outside of Raleigh. It’s at the
Regency Park Amphitheater. There are a thousand reserved seats at $33 and
then general lawn admission at $23. There is no seating chart available; I
checked with the Parks and Recreation Dept in Cary, and also the promoters,
Phantasma, down in Florida. Each seem to think that the other would have a
seating chart. This concert was only put on Ticketmaster last Friday.
Tickets went on sale Monday morning.


From: lsher87233

For anyone who lives in the South Jersey area, Oldies 100 (100.1 FM) is going
to play the best of the Monkees tonight, Sunday, July 8, 2001 starting at 7
PM. Happy listening.



From: Kim

two tv listings

Monkees – One Man Shy
Type: Syndicated / Sitcom
Duration: 30 min
Description: Peter escorts a debutante to her coming-out party.
Airing: Fri 7/20/01 8:30 am EDT UPN/
the Screen Gems network

Wings – She’s Gotta Have It
Type: Syndicated / Sitcom
Duration: 30 min
Description: Helen (Crystal Bernard) goes on a spending spree after
receiving a larger-than-expected insurance settlement. With Tim Daly. Peter
Tork guest stars. (In Stereo)
Airing: Tue 7/10/01 11:30 am EDT USA


From: “Kelly Lidji”

Dewey Beach Show

I’m sitting here recovering from the great show in Dewey Beach,
Delaware. My friend Nicki and I, being who we are, arrived at the Bay
Center eight hours before the show started. But with general
admission, when you get there means how close you are. So we spent the
day in beach chairs catching the sun and watching the band set up and
practice. Very cool.
Living here outside of Baltimore, my Nicki and I have the privilege of
seeing almost all the Shoe Suede Blues shows that come around. So I
actually am a friend of Peters. (I still can’t get over that) About a
year and a half ago I became his massage therapist when he comes to
town. (That’s what I do for a living)
So, Peter had left us passes for before and after the show. It is very
cool to watch the sound checks. They kid around a lot and it’s very
obvious they have a great respect and admiration for each other.
The Bay Center itself holds a few hundred people, and by the time the show
started the place was packed. I mean PACKED. Nicki, my Mom, my sister
Maggie and myself were pressed right up against the stage. Myself directly
in front of Peter, of course. The stage itself was raised of the floor only
about 2 feet. So they were practically on top of us. Close enough to see
all their dental work. Hee Hee.
Natural was great, they seemed more confident and polished since I saw them
at the 9:30 Club in DC in March. Their harmony is great.
The Monkee show itself is practically indescribable. They sounded amazing
and looked unbelievable. Mickey was wearing these great leather
pants. Davy had a wonderfully cut long coat. Peter had on his amazing red
outfit. The long coat with the red pants and shoes. The set list was
slightly different then the spring tour. More active, with less quiet
music. Though, during both Davy and Mickey ballad solos, Peter was dancing
offstage with the tour manager. Very fun to watch.
It was the drummer, Sandy Gennaro’s birthday. And at one point, all of the
band, came out with pie plates of shaving cream and COVERED him with
it. It was a riot. They had to stop and clean the stage.
During the whole show the heat kept rising, so by the time it was over it
was about 120 degrees at least.
Unfortunately all shows must end. And after their encore people began to
clear out. We gathered ourselves together to go backstage. This turned out
to be a room off the banquet halls kitchen. Just the four of us, our
friend Bonnie and her 2 friends, and Peter. It was great. He stayed
talking with us for quite a while about the tour and when we would get
together again. Very sweet. He is really the kindest, most gererous,
giving man I have ever known. After he finally had to leave we went outside
and found Eric the trumpet player. He just might be the cutest and
sweetest guy in the world. What a doll. Then we found Marc from
Natural. Hubba Hubba. Also very sweet.
We took the most amazing pictures of the whole show. (Not surprising
considering the subjects, and where we were standing) All in all it
couldn’t have been much better!


From: “mbainter”

Monkees State College Concert

My husband and I recently got back from seeing our third Monkees concert
this year. We live in Indiana and were able to go to the Merrillville, IN
and Fort Wayne, IN concerts. A couple weeks ago WKMC, an Altoona,
Pennsylvania radio station had a message on this list about an interview
with Micky that would be airing on their website. When I went to their
website there was information about a contest to win Monkees tickets. I
entered the contest and was very surprised when tickets showed up in the
mailbox a few days later. It was an eight hour drive and my husband said it
was crazy – but he went anyway. He did make me promise not to enter any
contests for the Florida concerts.

It would be very hard to say which of the concerts we’ve seen are the best.
They have each been slightly different. We never tire of watching the
Monkees. They always seem fresh, energized and happy to do the show. They
all seem like they genuinely have fun working together and enjoy making
their fans happy too.

Once again, we marveled at the wide range of ages represented in the
audience. Lots of young children and we enjoyed watching some ladies who we
guessed were probably in their late sixties to early seventies, they were
dancing along to the music and seemed to be having a blast!

We did notice that the concert at State College, PA seemed to be missing a
few songs we enjoyed at the other concerts. Like Shades of Grey, Circle
Sky, Papa Gene’s Blues and You and I. We kind of wondered if there might
have been some technical difficulties that led them to finish up the show a
little earlier. There was one song we hadn’t heard at the other concerts –
No Time. Even though some favorite songs were missing, it was still a great
concert. Our only real regret is that it is over and there are no more
scheduled concerts close enough for us to go to.

We did get the 2001 : Live at Las Vegas CD and it was worth every penny. It
helps us to relive the concerts somewhat. I really wish there was a
videotape – if one is ever released I will definitely buy it.


From: “Alicia Jones”

Hey hey folks!

Today I was just thinking about my first Monkees (actually 3kees) concert
experience at Sea World!! They came to San Antonio in 1996 (July 5th), and
the opening acts were The Turtles and Guess Who. More specifically, the
concert took place at the US Map.

My sister & I arrived at the theme park before 4 p.m. and got our
wristbands. (I would’ve gone by myself, but I needed someone to be there in
case I fainted!) We were able to get reserved seats, but the only spots
available were in the very last row of the reserved area! There was a
booth inside the concert area where they sold Monkees’
merchandise: t-shirts, CDs, etc. Many of those items were too “pricey”; I
only had enough money to get trading cards and a tour book, which was good
enough for me.

The concert started promptly at 7:30, with a DJ from a local oldies station
acting as emcee. He welcomed everybody to the concert and went over the
basic rules–you know, like no video cameras or other recording devices
allowed. Then The Turles came out first and sang several songs, two of
which were supposedly Micky’s and Davy’s favorites: “She’d Rather Be With
Me” and “Happy Together”. After that, Guess Who performed some of their
hits like “These Eyes” and “American Woman”, which happened to be the last
song before The Monkees arrived on stage.

When Guess Who was done, there was a little intermission. I looked up at
the night sky and I could see the stars shining. All of a sudden…

*da da doom…* “Here we come…”

Their theme was playing on the LP, and then the live band picked it up from
there as Micky, Davy and Peter walked on stage waving at everybody. The
crowd and I went into hysterics when we saw their logo light up and they
began their first tune, “Last Train to Clarksville”. Of course, I was
trying to do several things at once: scream my head off, sing along with
them on every song, cry, and take pictures!

Strange as it may seem, I *still* remember every single song they
performed! “Clarksville” was the very first song, and “I’m a Believer” was
the very last…yet I can’t remember the order of the other songs in
between! Oh well…

Since it was the Fourth of July weekend, Sea World displayed beautiful
fireworks…and it happened during the concert!! There were some pieces
that definitely stood out for me when they sang:

“Valleri”–When Davy sang, “There’s a girl I know who makes me feel so
good,” I squealed!!

“She”–When Micky got to the line that says, “She laughed while I was
crying,” Davy laughed…and then the audience laughed.

“Auntie Grizelda”–Peter was “rain dancing” like he did in the episode
DANCE MONKEE DANCE (during the “I’ll Be Back Upon My Feet” romp).

“Since I Fell For You”–Micky did this song by Lenny Welch and it was
totally awesome. At one point, he held a note for a long time and my
sister gave him a standing ovation! (I put an exclamation point behind
that one because she, unfortunately, is not a Monkee fan.)

“What Am I Doing Hanging ‘Round?”–Peter sang Mike’s part, but got some of
the verses mixed up. Micky noticed that, and helped him with it. It all
worked out, though. Naturally, the crowd went wild when they got to the
line, “I should be riding on that train to San Antone…”

“Sea Change”–Peter took center stage when he sang this hit from STRANGER
THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. I remember him wearing a red vest, white pants and a
yellow t-shirt.

“Girl”–Before Davy sang this tune, he asked the audience to help him sing
the Brady Bunch theme.

“Purple Haze”–Micky did a few licks of this Jimmy Hendrix piece. He was
describing how things were at the time Hendrix was on tour with them. In
the middle of the ‘jam’, Micky stopped and chanted, “We want Davy! We want
the Monkees!”

When they finished “Stepping Stone”, they left the stage while the band
kept playing. Of course, most of the crowd got on their feet because they
thought the concert was over. Mind you, I was standing, too…but somehow
I (and lots of others) knew there was more to come. And Micky, Davy &
Peter proved it when they shouted, “LISTEN TO THE BAND!!”

*dah dah d-dah d-dah d-dah…*

They came back out singing that title cut with the band backing them up,
and it was “ear candy”!! YUM!!

After that, they topped it off with “I’m a Believer”.

Unfortunately, they were not available for signing autographs. They
disappeared right after the show was over, and security was pretty
tight. My sister & I didn’t get home until after midnight, and I was in a
daze the entire weekend!

Ah…It feels so good to reminisce! I just thought I’d share it with you! 😀
~Peace, love & everything else,
Alicia Jones


From: “laura”

Hello everyone,
My name is Laura and I am writing to tell everyone about the concert in
Sterling Heights MI. It started out kind of dismal with Natural warming up
the audience. I felt sorry for them they sounded pretty good, but people
ignored them and weren’t very enthusiastic. Then it started pouring rain
and since it was outside with no cover, people starting running to any
shelter. Natural tried to stick around, but their instruments were being
covered and most of the people had run off so they got off stage. The rain
stopped, but it took till 9:00pm before the Monkees came onstage. People
had started to get upset until they came onstage, then everyone let loose
and started screaming and jumping up. They sang for awhile with a few of
their classic jokes and Peter (who is my favorite) sang a song I have never
heard called Lucille. I loved it. The audience got more and more pumped and
quite a few girls gave out roses to Davey. I noticed that Davey seemed to
be the only one to take the roses while Mickey ignored them and Peter took
only one rose. Davey was so nice even jumping off stage and hugging a girl
and dancing with her. He started going down the aisles and I zoomed out to
meet him. I had my right hand full of stuff so I tried to shake his hand
with my left hand and he grabbed me and gave me a quick hug. I was so
excited I couldn’t believe it. The concert ended about 10:30pm and I tried
to get back stage, but security was not letting anyone except people with
passes and their family and friends. Quite a few people were upset about
this since 10 people could get backstage at first with only one pass. Later
on security got more tough and let only one person to a pass go through so
only a few people who were friends with the personal got backstage after
that. I asked a girl who was going backstage to get one of the Monkees to
sign my CD and she got Peter Tork to sign it. Of course now I can’t listen
to the CD since I don’t want to mess up the autograph. I left at that point
since the guards were starting to threaten with the police. Overall even
though it started out dismal it was a great night for me getting to hug
Davey and getting an autograph. Davey really impressed me with his nice
personality and giving nature to the fans. I also talked to some Monkees
fans there and gave my email address to one girl who lives in MI. I hope
she emails me it would be nice to have another fan in MI since most of the
people I know out here just don’t understand the Monkees. I got a few
pictures of the band before the guards told me to stop hopefully they come
out well. Once I get them back if anyone wants to see them email me at or if there are some MI fans who like to go to the
concerts here and farther out email me. Well I hope everyone has a great
time at their concerts and I get to see them again soon.
-Laura South-


From: Brian Molnar

WOW! The concert was fantastic. It was a birthday present for me.
Haven’t seen them since the 80’s. This was so much better. I don’t
remember Peter doing much of anything special back then. Glad they gave
him so much time to show his stuff. Who knew? Everyone but me
apparently. I have been reading all the submissions in here and was very
anxious to see him in action. Davy was very “song and dance” but he
looks great and his voice sounded great. He hasn’t lost it. Micky, my
personal favorite, was just amazing. His voice is just beautiful. The
audience, except for this cigar smoking woman making us all wretch, was
so friendly and there were so many young people who were so excited about
them. I am sure I embarassed my family being a 37 year old mom with my
husband and 2 boys by screaming so loud. Can’t think of anyone else but
The Monkees that would get to me like that. As we were leaving, we
passed the gated area where they were meeting people. The girl in the
yellow shirt got back there, of course, anyone who was there knows what I
mean. We could see everything through the webbing and I only saw Micky
come out. He looked very tired but very polite. My kids were getting
tired so I couldn’t stay to see if Peter or Davy came out. The only bad
thing was the parking attendants telling us we could bring our cameras
and then finding out they were wrong and then having to walk back to our
car. Missed Natural. My husband, who was going along as a birthday
present to me even though last night was actually HIS birthday, was sold
compleatly. Now he sees them as the great talents they are. I am sure
he won’t be flinching when I play their cd’s now. Thanks for all your
updates. Met some great kids who are already diehards. Really thought I
was alone in my love for them until your site. Thanks again, Deanna


From: YMccoy8728

Review of Greeley and Colorado Springs Shows

I caught the shows at Greeley and Colorado Springs and I’m still “high” 2
days later. I enjoyed the Pikes Peak Center show the best. It is a smaller,
more intimate venue and every person in the audience a Monkee fan. I
thoroughly enjoyed it. The show was well paced with wonderful lighting. The
backing band did drown out Micky’s and Peter’s vocals during “Going Down” and
“Can You Dig It?” though. At Greeley, I had to sit through 3 other shows
before the Monkees came out close to midnight: J. Andrews, Billy Gillman,
and Natural.

It was a thrill to hear Billy Gillman for the first time and imagine the
stage presence and promise Davy must have shown from the start.

I liked Natural better the 2nd time. A must-hear is their a capella Billy
Joel medley. That got my attention. This comes unfortunately near the end
of their set. After the Pikes Peak Center concert, Ben and Marc talked to
fans. The energy of Davy, Micky and Peter amazes them. They are learning a
lot from the Monkees and having a lot of fun hanging out with them.

A recent posting mentioned that smoking has taken a toll on Davy’s voice.
Back in about ’67 after the umpteenth playing of “This Just Doesn’t Seem to
Be My Day,” my mother commented that his voice was very nasal. I think this
is actually what your alert-poster was hearing. The closest I’ve heard him
to being raspy is in his song “Rough to the Touch” (vol. 4 of his JFTR
series). I picture Kenny Rogers doing that song. Davy is still in good


From: fredndeb

Hi Brad,
Just saw the Monkees at Country Jam U.S.A in Grand Junction,Co. They
still got it going on. My friend Sue and I screamed and cried like
teenagaers and had the BEST time.
They were as good as I always dreamed they would be. Davey still dances
the same as always and Peter is still a goof. It was neat to see Mickey
and his Sister (Coco?) sing together. What a fun and Talented gtroup of
guys. Peter is quit the pianist,mickey a great drummer and Davey still
rocks on the guitar along with Peter. Thanks to the M9onkees for comming
to our neck of the woods!!!! The Monkees still rule!!!!!
Deb Horn

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