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and nez too..



12 Responses to “Announcement: Monkees News Feed”
  1. Rab says:

    I was at the Monkees concert at the Plymouth Pavilions last night (23rd May, 2011). The concert was great. But I am very, very disappointed with the ‘meet & greet the Monkees package – which cost us £220+, a lot of money for us).

    At the end of the concert we then had to wait and queue for more than an hour with 65 other people (I was, by the near end of this farce, glad that it was no more than 65 as we were at the very end of that queue and time, & patience, was getting on).

    I understand that the Monkees may have been tired by now (as I was) and wanted some rest and peace but , they signed up for this and are being paid handsomely.

    By the time we got to their table they were looking totally fed up and disinterested. We then had a very, very brief one photo & autograph until Micky Dolenz, & Davy Jones especially, cleared off without a word. Thankyou Peter Tork for coming round to say thankyou and shaking my hand.

    That put a dampers on an otherwise great night. I have been a fan since the 60’s and thinking differently now.

  2. Rab says:

    Can’t get to the Neil Diamond concert now after spending all this meet & greet the Monkees money. Ah well, live & learn. Bye.

  3. Moonfire says:

    Hi Rab, I was really annoyed when I realised that fans were being charged to meet the Monkees. I moaned so much about it to my poor friend that I am surprised she did not tell me to shut up. So I looked into it and it seems its standard practice now. I am told its the agent doing this although the star in question has to have some inpute into this decision. As I have met them before and do not have a lot of money I decided not to take the opportunity particularly as I had a feeling fans would not have much time with the Monkees. Everyone I know who went to the meet and greet say the same as you did.

    I am a first generation fan too. I also saw the guys at Plymouth and was very impressed with the show, each tour is better then the last one. I read in one of the papers that they might come back again at the end of the year, I wonder if this is true.


  4. sttos12 says:

    Don’t waste your time with the “Meet and greet” MVP tickets. This is the official email I just received:

    Hello Monkees fan,
    Thank you for purchasing a VIP ticket for The Monkees 45th Anniversary Tour on Wednesday, June 15th at 8:00pm. Your ticket purchase includes early admission to the show, crowd-free merchandise table accessibility and a meet and greet with the group after the show. Doors will open 6:40pm for VIP ticket holders and 7:00pm for the general public. VIP ticket holders should enter through the box office entrance if arriving early.
    After the concert proceed to the backstage curtain past the Parquet J/K doors and the concession stand and wait to be escorted to the VIP area. Please have your ticket with you as it will serve as proof for admission to the VIP area. Attendees will be able to take one photo with the group. Please note that The Monkees will NOT be signing autographs.
    Please feel free to email me back if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

    Wow 20 whole minutes to buy stuff before the general public gets to go in. And then after the show ONE photograph and NO autographs. I guess they really don’t Monkee around but they’re not trying to be friendly!!

  5. xmsmerry says:

    I’ve never seen the Monkees live, so I bought two tickets with meet and greet for the June 29th Waukegan Illinois show and the person who was supposed to go with me bailed out. Now I have one extra ticket with NO one to go with me. Anyone interested in the other ticket, please let me know. Thanks.

  6. ex Peter fan says:

    Just saw the Monkees in Richmond VA. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON MEET AND GREET TICKETS! They shuttled us in like cattle, and spent about 15 seconds with each fan. Peter was incredibly rude, and as a Believer of 44 years, I am NO LONGER a Tork fan. Davy and Mike were cordial enough, but Peter has turned into a nasty old man with a bad attitude. Besides, I thought the Monkees were “too busy singing to put anybody down”! I have had the good fortune to meet several “real” celebrities with actual talent in my lifetime, and none of them showed such disrespect for a devoted fan.
    So disappointed, I burned my ticket stubs, and am considering doing the same to my vintage albums. If I didn’t love Mickey and Mike so much, I probably would.

    FAREWELL to the Monkees. TORK’S A DORK.

  7. SmartyPants says:

    SCAM is an understatement. Three of our party paid $50 each for this so-called “Meet & Greet” after the North Fork Theater at Westbury concert tonight. I am guessing there were about 100 suckers there, so $5000 for a few minutes of posing for photos. Micky felt ill so he did not even show up for the M&G. It did not start until about 11 PM so the guys were tired, that is understandable, but whoever arranged this pure profit bulls**t this late in the day should be shot. The crew pushed the crowd through the one photograph per person or group queue like cattle. No signatures except for a select few who had to beg. Peter had the class to apologize for Micky. I have seen them all perform before, both paid and free concerts, and I was able to spend more time with them, take more photographs and get signatures without paying for a Meet and Greet $cam.

    Other comments about the concert: It seemed like Peter had the most fun performing tonight, even though he was wasted on stage. He had microphone problems at times. Mickey sounded weird, but Peter’s explanation then fit. The movies and stills that were continuously shown were a great idea. I noticed that the only time Mike was shown was when they could not crop him out. Maybe some day the four of them can appear together, whether or not they actually perform. Acoustically, the sound was horrible. The sound was muddy, the bass was much too loud, masking the vocals and other instruments, which were not clear in their own right. I would have said the sound engineer must have a hearing problem but the same thing has been happening at almost every concert at that venue for several years. Westbury Music Fair, er, uh, North Fork Bank Theater At Westbury, New York Community Bank Theatre at Westbury, (I can’t keep up with the name changes,) used to have a superb sound system with an expert sound engineer in charge (I knew him personally), so it is not the fault of the physical equipment.

    The entire concert was over produced. Davy, Micky & Peter did not need 8 backup musicians and singers. Including Peter there were 3 keyboardists. THREE? They had an skilled full time drummer and a second set of drums for the boys to use at the same time as the drummer. Totally unnecessary. If Davy or Micky wanted to drum, they should have been the only drummer at that time. There were also 3 people on brass. Again, one would have sufficed. In my opinion, the only people singing should have been the 3 stars. It was difficult enough hearing their voices over the instruments without being drowned out by other singers. Three quarters of the Monkees are returning in August, but I will not see them again at Westbury unless Mike shows up.

  8. intosummerwithmonkees255 says:

    I went to a their concert in Columbus OH on June 24th and they were pretty good at singing…… But their acting wasnt. They seemed like they rehearsed the whole concert. Also the VIP tickets were $100 dollars! if they really cared about the fans the would make the VIP tickets a whole lot cheaper

  9. Duchesssammi says:

    I saw them in Ridgefield, WA – AND I have NO Complaints about the band at ALL!!
    they were Incredible, Their vocals were dead on! Mickys voice still gives me goose bumps I love it so much!! Peter played nearly every instrument on the stage and was GREAT on ALL !! Then he sang and his voice was wonderful to hear especially after what he went through with the cancer, Davy was wonderful dancing and singing and playing Guitar,,,oh yeah and Micky on the Drums and when he started on the Timpani I was blown away,,,,,

    The actual Venue was a Horror story, one that I am taking up with The Sleep Country Amphitheater, Ticketmaster and The actual Promoters of Then Monkees!!
    I was appalled that I pulled in to see a band especially one on their 45th Anniversary tour and not a single sign -poster- nothing nothing at all. This should have been in your face!! ALL over town on the news the radio etc….
    I felt Like I was going to a private showing or something,,,,,
    Then there were other issues that I won’t bore you all with,

    MONKEES keep on Rocking!!!
    LOVE them all with all my heart forever.

  10. Scott Murray says:

    Anyone have any information why the rest of The Monkees Tour has been canceled 🙁

  11. Sonni says:

    Im creating a documentary about the monkees, its a college project but im hoping to get it screened, im looking for fans to tell me their stories and opinions by email. If your interested let me know ill give you my email!
    And if you know anyway to get intouch with the actual guys please tell me!

  12. lweisberg18 says:

    If Davy Jones were still alive,Mike Nesmith would not reunite with the Monkees
    In the way history goes as Monkees fans like me know If Davy Jones was still
    alive today Mike Nesmith would probably decline all The Monkees Tours due to he was the only one with a career in music as he wrote the song for Linda
    Rostdant (Different Drum)where on the other hand Davy and Micky were actors
    and Peter did’nt write as much as the others.In 1986,when The Monkees reunited
    Nesmith attended only once for The Monkees Then and Now album where him and
    Davy Jones did not participate on the new tracks that Davy did’nt play on in
    the ’86 Tour that Nesmith did’nt attend.In 1996,the oly tour that Nesmith
    played with The Monkees is for the album Just Us both the ’86 and ’96 tour he
    said was boring due to he was the only one with an actual career.The Most Recent Tours with Jones,Tork,and Dolenz in 2010 and 2011 were without Nesmith
    and in 2012 only Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz were at the Davy Jones Memorial
    Nesmith declined.You can view pictures and put stars on theese Monkees Websites below:

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