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[monkees-alert] Tour News – Today Show Rescheduled

August 9, 2011 by  
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Everyone is looking for WHY on the cancellation of the Monkees
remaining tour dates, sorry we don’t have any good answers for you,
mostly rumors, but Peter did a solo show recently where he claimed he
was now an Ex-Monkee. More to come.

Today Show:

Fortunately, fans may be able to see the trio one last time, as NBC’s
The Today Show has a segment called “Al Roker Performs With The
Monkees” scheduled for broadcast on Wednesday, August 17.

From Sean:

Also, just seconds ago, on WGN TV in Chicago there was a teaser saying
that (Peter would) be a guest on the morning news this week.

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One Response to “[monkees-alert] Tour News – Today Show Rescheduled”
  1. janet53 says:

    I have loved these guys since I was 13…seems like yesterday. I have all their records and the remake of all their his on CD. You grew up like I had to but your never lost your love of music and your great personal presence. My crushes changed from each one of you usually monthly, but I really enjoyed Mickey’s voice and Mike’s also. Davey was great and so was Peter. I dated a guy that looked JUST like Peter! It was a great time! I’m so glad I found your website and sit back and listen to music I REALLy enjoy. Yahweh bless all of you in your lives and in your families! janet53

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