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Announcement: Monkees On Tour Concert Schedule

April 11, 2011 by  
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This page is for upcoming concert dates by The Monkees and Solo tour dates. Click the tour date below you will be attending to setup meetings with other Monkees Online Fans and post show specific reviews and set lists!


29 Responses to “Announcement: Monkees On Tour Concert Schedule”
  1. rra_pn says:

    I hope you do a concert in San Antonio, Tx. I’m a big fan and from Mexico, and this is my closest city.

    Hello to all the Monkees.

    Rodolfo Rodriguez

  2. Linda Hood says:

    Went to see the Monkees in Glasgow last night and what a show! Well done! Non stop nostalgia!

  3. teresaredgrave says:

    Hugely disapointed with the meet and greet tickets for last nights concert. Thy sell so many tickets just to say they havent got time to chat to us all. A quick photo and autograph and we were ushered out the door! Even Peter admitted yes we are happy to take all your money, but we dont have time to talk to our fans!
    WE PAID £120 EACH FOR MEET AND GREET TICKETS, my mum has always wanted to meet them and has been a life long fan, but to get fobbed off like that nearly reduced me to tears seeing my mums disapointed face. I thought being the older generation they would be a bit more appreciative of their fans! They must of spent all of 30 secs with each person and didnt even smile for our photo.
    It has completely changed my opinion of them!

  4. FitzMon says:

    I would love to see you for the first time in my life! Would love for you guys to come perform in Oklahoma. I know quite a few people who would be joining me to see you!

  5. desilu1977 says:

    to comment on the post , from the words of other fans I have spoken with who have met them these fans say that the monkees were polite to them back when I attended the show in Jacksonville on 3/4/01 the person sitting next to me started talking and they told me they had won meet and greet tickets on the radio, and offered to take my picture I had gotten at the show and my camera back stage, the one who did this for me came out and gave my items back to me like they said they would “my signed pic and my camera with pics they had taken for me” this person told me the monkees all three of them were so polite to them about them asking to sign my pic and theirs and take pictures on the camera she had and mine. being a wife of a musician myself you have to see it from their point of view , they are tiered from the show and having media and reporters bugging them. this would drive anyone to a breaking point (who is or is not famous) I get irritated at people bugging me all the time imagine being a celebrity and it being a non stop event.

  6. mikes9847 says:


    I have one ticket that I am selling for the Monkees Concert at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre on July 1.

    I bought the ticket in early March, but now I am unable to go.

    The show is at 7:30. The ticket is row S, seat 5.

    I paid $65.00 for the ticket.

    If anyone can offer me a decent price based off of what I paid for it, email me at:
    mikew9847 @

  7. LesleyO says:

    Had a wonderful time at the Glen Allen (Richmond, VA) show on Wed. night, even though it was hot as blazes outside.
    Davy seemed a bit aggravated as the show began, probaby because he was wearing a long sleeve black shirt. He later changed to a short sleeve T-shirt and perked up at that point. Good thing, because he did a lot of dancing and it seemed 100 degrees throughout the evening.. He still does that same Davy Jones shuffle, I call it, that he used to do when he sang on the show. He is still quite attractive and had a lot of funny comments, many subtle, but easily heard from our 5th row seats.
    Micky, my favorite, still has that same laugh . . . the laugh heard throughout the albums. I love his laugh — and his voice. Especially enjoyed hearing Randy Scouse Git, my favorite song (and of course I was wearing a “yellow dress” for the occasion).
    Peter seemed to be the one enjoying himself the most on stage, and had a terrific stage personality.
    I can’t say much for the sound quality at the venue, but the fun was really in seeing them and getting my photo taken with them after the show. And yes, I remembered every single word to every song except for a few that came out in the later years. And I stood and clapped and sang every word, and embarrased my friend terribly 🙂
    We paid $100 for Meet&Greet, which took place afterwards. There was sooo many of us in line for M&G–I felt bad for the Monkees because they must have been exhausted at that point. They didn’t sign autographs, but allowed each person one photo. Of course, when I got up to them I froze like an idiot and all I could manage to say was “thank you.” What I WISH I had said was thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life for so many years!

  8. Geogh says:

    Saw the MONKEES last night at the Niagara Falls Avalon Theatre 06-11-11. It was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME SHOW!!! They still have there moves and look great!! Love you guys Thank You for making Niagara falls one of your main Canadian Shows!!

  9. desilu1977 says:

    I attended the show in Jacksonville . I too wore a yellow dress for the show because of Randy Scouse Git song LOL 🙂

  10. scmusa says:

    Please come to Phoenix Arizona!!! I saw you at Wolf Trap in Vienna Virginia, great shows!!!

  11. buffychick71 says:

    Love reading all the comments on the shows… jealous of you all :O) Keep hoping the tour will come to Australia…anyone else out there who is wishing the same please feel free to visit my FaceBook page ‘We Want The 45th Anniversary Tour For the Monkees to Include Australia’ Just so we can show davy,Peter & Micky how much we miss them Down Under Xx

  12. intosummerwithmonkees255 says:

    Just the Monkees in concert at Columbus OH,and Davy pointed at me!!!

  13. merryat12 says:

    It’s so much fun reading fan comments and the press reviews. Is anyone with the tour blogging about the experience?

  14. Twee4davy says:

    We had tickets for tonights show at the Greek. We were really looking forward to going, but my wife had to go to the hospital. Very disappointing. She is such a huge fan and she has wanted to see the Monkees for a long time.

  15. intosummerwithmonkees255 says:

    Went to their concert in Columbus OH,concert was amazing:) Just wished I could of afforded to get a VIP pass:( Oh well I am going to see Mr. David Jones in November 12th in Indiana, and I will afford an VIP pass!

    Ps. Sorry Twee4davy that you didnt get to go to their concert:(

  16. intosummerwithmonkees255 says:

    Sadly the monkees concert tour is cancelled. So please someone tell me WHY!!!!

  17. My prediction is that Micky leaves his wire for a woman with long black hair.And they do a show in which I’m sort of mentioned.I’m that obsessed with Micky Dolenz and Jessica Jones is gonna have her own show on C.B.S.

  18. rocky says:

    When will tickets be available for Cupertino?

  19. dacsus65 says:

    This is great but we need a date in Boston guys! Just up the road from NYC, surely a New England show is a must!

  20. Rock2HAL says:

    Hi. Any chance they’re gonna add shows to this concert? I’d love to see them in Atlantic City, NJ or add a show in Philly. I’ve never seen Nez in concert before and would like to see him in concert. Tried to get Philly tix but were sold out too quickly. 🙁

  21. says:

    Amazing performance in Escondido, CA tonight. Visuals and music brought back lots of memories. Video tributes of Davy brought tears to many. Thanks Mickey, Peter and Mike for entertaining us. You brought us closer together thru music and laughter.

  22. Lonnie says:

    What a great show tonight in Santa Barbara. Mike, Mickey and Peter are such great people. And performers. And musicians. I love them as much today as I did in 67, when I was a twerpy little junior high kid.

    Thank you so much guys.

  23. kate8228 says:

    I’m on the coast of VA (Hampton). The past concerts here usually do well, so why aren’t you coming here?

  24. DiMcP5 says:

    PLEASE come to New Mexico!! You were here in 2000/2001 & it was so wonderful! I have loved you guys since I was 8 years old. Now my kids are big fans & would love to see you, too. You’re going to CO, NV, TX, AZ, please don’t pass us by. Micky, you were here last summer & the kids & I so enjoyed your show. You even signed my drum sticks (via your manager). I would love to see you guys again in New Mexico. Love, Diana

  25. AL says:

    What happened to Canada guys come on now lots of fans up here…

  26. jeffreyjackjoe says:

    I just called to get my tickets to see The Monkees at the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City Oregon on Sept. 23. I wanted my kids to see the guys in concert. I was told it is a 21 and older concert only. To me the Monkees have always put on a family show and my kids would have loved it. I hope they come to Oregon at a non-casino venue really soon.

  27. brad says:

    thats a shame, sorry for you but they go where they are invited!

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