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Micky Dolenz: The MGM Singles Collection

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7a Records, based in the U. K., is proud to present the U. S. CD release of Micky Dolenz: The MGM Singles Collection. This much anticipated release features 12 bonus tracks that were not on the original vinyl LP, as well as a 24 page color booklet and marks the first time that any of these recordings have been issued on CD.

Last year, 7a Records scored a huge hit when they released their debut album Micky Dolenz – The MGM Singles Collection on vinyl. This initial limited edition (1,500 copies) sold out in just 3 months and was featured on the BBC’s flagship arts show Front Row.

Now, Iain Lee and Glenn Gretlund, the team behind 7a, are proud to announce the album is making its way to CD with 12 bonus tracks This is the first time ANY of these rare Dolenz cuts have appeared on compact disc. Sourced from the masters, these tracks sound better than ever and are a must for Monkees and music collectors worldwide. 2016, the 50th Anniverrsay of The Monkees, IS the Year Of The Monkees, and it just keeps on giving and giving.

Iain (BBC, talkRadio, LBC, Channel 4) and Glenn (record publisher and producer) are available for interview about this and all 7a releases. For a full list of their boutique CD’s and vinyl records, please check out our website

Here’s a brief Q&A with Iain and Glenn:

Why put this package together? 

When we released the MGM Singles on vinyl in 2015, the response was phenomenal. It was a limited release that sold out quickly. We were overwhelmed by interview requests about the album, and we even made the front page of the BBC Entertainment website and also appeared on their flagship Radio 4 arts programme ‘Front Row’! We were so blown away by the response from the fans and the press that we just had to do everything we could to get this exciting release on CD, and we have done, with 12 bonus tracks!

How supportive has Micky been?

Micky was very pleased when the vinyl edition came out. He has been very kind and supportive in doing an interview and in helping us license some of the bonus tracks for this CD release. He couldn’t be more thrilled about this whole project!

What’s the album like?

The songs on this album cover most of Micky’s solo recordings from the 1970s – early 1980s, and also include some excellent recordings that he made last year with the very talented Circe Link and Christian Nesmith. It is a massive body of work and we are very excited to be able to release all of the songs together in one package. It comes with a recording of the exclusive interview that Micky did for us, as well as a detailed 24 page booklet. In short – a must for any Micky Dolenz fan!

Are the recordings from the original master tapes?

Yes, all of the recordings have been digitally remastered from the original master tapes, except for 4 tracks, where the masters are believed to no longer exist. These recordings have been meticulously remastered from the best available sources.

Will it be available in the US, or just the UK?

7a Records is based in the UK but this is a worldwide release…keep checking your online retailers and even your local record stores! The UK release date will be October 7th, with the US date probably being the following week in order to allow for distribution.

Micky Dolenz – The MGM Singles Collection 

CD Cat No: 7A005

EAN: 5060209950051

  1. Easy On You
  2. Oh Someone
  3. Unattended In The Dungeon
  4. A Lover’s Prayer
  5. Johnny B. Goode
  6. It’s Amazing To Me
  7. Daybreak (Mono Version)
  8. Love War
  9. Buddy Holly Tribute
  10. Ooh She’s Young

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Daybreak (Stereo Version)
  2. Love Light
  3. Alicia
  4. To Be Or Not To Be
  5. Beverly Hills
  6. Chance Of A Lifetime
  7. Chance of a Lifetime (Alt. Ver.)
  8. Living On Lies
  9. Porpoise Song / Good Morning, Good Morning
  10. Crying In The Rain
  11. Randy Scouse Git
  12. Iain Lee Interviews Micky Dolenz

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