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Micky Dolenz New CD “Live at B.B. Kings” Available Now

September 11, 2013 by  
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Hello ebay friends!


Welcome to Micky Dolenz Direct 2U on ebay!


For those of you out there asking yourself is this really Micky on ebay?


Let me assure you…it’s really my official ebaystore and not a fan, dealer or an imposter.


Being a part of the Monkees was indeed a life changing experience for me (to say the least!!)


& I want to thank those of you that have remained loyal fans throughout the years! 


Perhaps one day our paths will cross and I can tell you Thank you!


Why I’m onebay


Each week, I receive many fan requests from all over the world asking…


Micky, how can I obtain your authentic autograph?


One might be able to catch me at a concert appearance, convention signing or at a Hollywood red carpet event.


Theeasiest solution? 




I believe ebay to be the ideal marketplace for me to connect with my fans throughout the world to offer


authentic hand signed


photos, books, drum sticks, CD‘s and one of a kind items, as well as, some very cool surprises along the way!


*Buy It Now*







How to order…


Click theBUY IT NOW button.


I will sign the CD to your 1st name shown on yourebayaccount.


If you would like it signed to another name, or don’t wish to have any name added, then here’s what you do.


When making payment you will see a box that says Message To Seller.


In that box write the 1st name of the person(s) it is to be signed to. 


If only want my signature then write signature only.


Due to time restrictions, no other personal inscriptions will be added.


I hope you enjoy my ebay store and will visit often!


If you have any questions regarding any of the products, my assistants Jane or Steve will kindly respond to you on my behalf.


Please allow up to 15 days for your order to be sent out due to my travel schedule.







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2 Responses to “Micky Dolenz New CD “Live at B.B. Kings” Available Now”
  1. jenn328 says:

    Not only did mine not come with my name on it, I emailed them about this and never received a response. A little disappointing considering I could have gotten it cheaper otherwise.

  2. basenji says:

    When it was announced that Micky’s show at B. B. King’s would be recorded, it would be for CD and DVD. So where is the DVD? And why is the only way to get the CD is through eBay and with Micky’s signature, and for a higher price only at eBay. Fortunately I was at the show near the front. I will wait to purchase this until I find out whether or not there will be DVD or not and then whether I can get it unsigned for a reasonable price.

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