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Me & Magdalena from Good Times!

May 9, 2016 by  
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‘Good Times!’ on Rhino Building in Burbank, CA

By Fred Velez

NPR’s World Cafe May 9th program featured an interview with Michael Nesmith in which another song from the Monkees new album ‘Good Times!’ was debuted, ‘Me & Magdalena’.

The video for the song was briefly on YouTube but has since been yanked. When the song has been officially released a new video will hopefully be posted by Rhino.

Michael Nesmith’s unique explanation of the pulling of the YouTube video:

Naked in North Korea

I apologize sincerely for walking down the halls naked but I locked my keys in my room when I came out of the shower to see who was at the door — Me and Magdalena was the Ben Gibbard’s written new Monkees record I was singing in the shower — and I was told to !!!STOP IMMEDIATELY!!! or face dreadful penalties.

I am told by the authorities that I get to sing it again on the 16th on NPR with Micky — and then forevermore. Life is hard here in North Korea — but the people themselves are very kind and I like the food. The hotel management has reluctantly told me I do not have to put my clothes back on as long as I don’t sing the song until the 16th and I have promised. I do like living on the natch especially in a nice — albeit arbitrarily strict — hotel. (I just saw someone dragged off for saying “Leader is Chubby!” or something like that.)

I’ll be out by the pool and in the restaurant till then. I’ll be singing away, just not that song. Again, my apologies.

05/28/2016 song was restored:

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