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Life of David Jones – Monkees Memorial Convention 2013

April 22, 2013 by  
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As seen at the 2013 Monkees Convention – Tribute to Davy Jones
Thanks to Danny Smith at who recently released a documentary on DVD for Davy’s long time drummer Felipe Torres available at


5 Responses to “Life of David Jones – Monkees Memorial Convention 2013”

    The video of Davy Jones is beautiful I had tears in my eyes. I miss Davy very much He will be in my heart forever.

  2. wendylwidner1963 says:

    Thanks for this. I hated I could not attend the Monkees Memorial. This is great. It made me cry, but I guess it should, a little at leasr. I enjoyed so much.

  3. destes says:

    I remember (how fitting) seeing this at the convention in March. I didn’t realize it was on here. Thank you so much for this. As I go and see the rest of the Monkees next Sunday night in Clearwater, Florida I will have tears in my eyes since it will be the first time to see them with out Davy (and with Michael Nesmith I might add)…

  4. jolanda nein says:

    Beautiful vidieo honoring a beautiful and wonderful man had tears in eyes all through

  5. MonkeeGirl73 says:

    Just watched this an cried uncontrolably…..some days are just so much harder than others. Does this pain in my heart ever go away? Will I ever be able to look at Davy and not cry like a baby?

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