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Hey, hey, Monkees convention was huge success, organizer says

March 5, 2013 by  
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This past weekend’s Davy T. Jones Memorial Convention brought out many tributes to and emotional memories of the late singer, co-organizer Charles Rosenay said in a phone interview late Sunday shortly after the convention ended.

One of the highlights, he said, was a heartfelt tribute by singer David Cassidy, who was very emotional and talked about about 30 minutes about how much he loved Davy. The convention also served as the first meeting for Monkee Peter Tork and Cassidy, who had not met previously.

He said both Tork, who was bearing a cane because of some recent arthroscopic knee surgery, and fellow Monkee Micky Dolenz spent the entire weekend hanging out at the convention, mingling with fans and performing. He said the fans were very courteous to the Monkees and allowed them to move through the convention respectfully. Dolenz announced that his recent live show at B.B. King’s would be coming out on CD and possibly on DVD.

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4 Responses to “Hey, hey, Monkees convention was huge success, organizer says”
  1. FredV says:

    Monkees Convention 2013

    I must say the convention has been very exciting and moving. Friday began with a candle lighting service for Davy Jones with all four of Davy’s daughter, who were joined on stage by Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork. Then the New Jersey Youth Chorus sang a Broadway tribute to Davy touching on his Broadway roots which floored the crowd.

    Christian Nesmith and Circe Link performed a great acoustic set and were joined by Robbie Rist, who played Cousin Oliver in the final season on the Brady Bunch and is quite an accomplished musician himself. I introduced all the tribute bands which included the Blue Meanies, The Characters, Loose Salute who covered Michael Nesmith, and Pat Horgan & Thunder Road doing a Garage Band Monkees tribute.

    Saturday was Brady Bunch day with a screening of the ‘Getting Davy Jones’ episode (a fan in the audience graciously lent us their DVD of the show when the video we had failed to work, and I arranged for the fan to meet Barry Williams afterwards as a reward) followed by an very entertaining panel featuring Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Geri Reischl, loving referred to as ‘Fake Jan’ from the Brady Bunch Variety Hour, and Robbie Rist. (Susan Oliver who is at the convention was feeling ill and couldn’t make the panel). Geri Reischl by the way is a great entertainer and joined the Characters for a couple of songs.

    The Blue Meanies played a short set and what followed was a panel discussion of Monkees experts which featured authors Eric Lefkowitz, Gary Strobl, webmaster Brad Waddell, legendary photographer Henry Diltz and yours truly! Believe me, I was very honored to be a part of the panel, and I think I held my own pretty well. Peter Tork followed with a funny and spirited Q&A session, in which I helped to field questions from the audience. Later on I had the pleasure of introducing legendary Rock photographer Henry Diltz who gave a slide show of some fantastic and unseen Monkees photos from all parts of their career. Prior to Henry’s slideshow we played a CD of the song ‘Manchester B oy’ sung by Monkees’ producer Chip Douglas who was unable to personally attend, but sent the CD of the song with Henry, a song he wrote for Davy who had recorded it for inclusion on the audio version of his autobiography, ‘The Made A Monkee Out Of Me’.

    Later in the evening was All-Star concert featuring performances by Deana Martin, Ron Dante, the 1910 Fruitgum Company, Freddy Monday, Christian Nesmith with Circe Link and Robbie Rist, Donna Loren, Geri Reischl The Characters, members of the Davy Jones/Monkees touring band who were joined by Peter Tork who performed some blistering Blues numbers and Micky Dolenz who closed the show with ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’, capping the evening with an emotional shout, “Thank You, Davy Jones!!!!”.

    Sunday was brimming with excitement as David Cassidy was the big guest that day. (Because of a scheduling conflict, Deana Martin and legendary Philly DJ Jerry ‘The Geater with the Heater’ Blavett were unable to appear.) Cassidy made a late entrance due to traffic and weather, but gave his impressions of Davy and commented on how he was totally able to relate to Davy’s experiences and difficulties of being a Pop Idol. Cassidy was later joined on stage by Davy Jones’s daughters and Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork. Cassidy had never met Peter before and said it was quite a thrill for them to finally meet. A surprise guest was song writer L. Russell Brown who co-wrote “I Woke Up in Love This Morning” for the Partridge Family and also was a writer on “C’mon Marianne” for the Four Seasons, the Doors’ “Touch Me” and “Tie a Yellow Ribbon ‘Round the Old Oak Tree” and “Knock Three Times” for Tony Orlando and Dawn. Cassidy was thrilled to meet the man who wrote one of his biggest hits. Cassidy had to leave the convention quickly due to a scheduling conflict, which disappointed fans who wanted to have photos taken with him, but his kind words about Davy Jones were greatly appreciated.

    Micky Dolenz followed shortly after Cassidy left for another spirited, funny and at times moving Q&A session, where again I helped in selecting audience questions. Micky put to rest the rumor that Michael Nesmith decided to tour with the Monkees because Davy was no longer there, confirming that a tour with all four Monkees were definitely in the talking stages shortly before Davy’s passing. After Micky left the stage an auction of Monkee items took place with the proceeds going to Davy’s charities.

    After the dinner break the rare 1981 Japan concert film ‘Hello Davy!’ was shown in the main ballroom, which many fans in attendance have never seen before. After the video, The Characters set up for the final set of the weekend. Charles Rosenay then introduced me on stage before the Characters to thank me for helping out and I read my tribute to Davy which I wrote shortly after his passing. I choked back tears while reading the dedication and the fans gave me a ovation which I appreciated. The Characters did a great closing Monkees set and Charles and myself joined them onstage to sing an emotional version of ‘Daydream Believer’. Charles, Jodie, Phyllis and myself later gave closing comments and thanked the fans for coming and making the convention so special, then the four of us left the stage doing the Monkees Walk.

    There were some unavoidable problems with the schedule and other obstacles, but on the whole, the convention was an entertaining and emotional success. Hopefully, we managed over the hectic three days to honor the memory and life of Davy Jones.

    My tribute to Davy Jones which I read on the Monkees Convention stage:

    Talking with friends and colleagues about our experiences with Davy and the Monkees, many memories come to mind. Working on conventions with them, introducing Davy and the other Monkees on stage. Contributing to several books about the group and out of the blue getting a phone call from Davy about working on one of his books, going to his house in Beavertown, PA, and him pulling out a trunk of photos and memorabilia and asking my opinion of what photos would be good for the book. Later in the evening watching Davy rehearse with his band in his living room where I in essence had the unique privilege of a private concert by Davy Jones!

    The many years seeing the man onstage, both in concert on his own or with the Monkees, or appearing in ‘Oliver!’ where this time he played Fagin, which caused his daughters to joke that he was finally playing his age!

    The years of entertainment, the moments we shared a stage together, phone calls, etc. These are my memories, these are both public and private moments with the man which are mine and which I will always treasure and cherish. No one in this world will ever take these away from me.

    Davy Jones was a Pop Idol, a singer, a musician, an actor, an author, a funny man, a serious man, a husband, a father, a friend.

    This was the Davy Jones I knew.

    This is the Davy Jones I will always remember.

    This is the Davy Jones I will miss.

  2. janicef says:

    are the stay calm keep riding tee shirts available to the public?

  3. brad says:


  4. MiJaCoGeo_1967 says:

    This was a heck of an experiance. Childhood complete <3

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