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Hey, Hey, it’s the Monkees at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls

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Forty-five years after their debut, the Monkees are still making music, and are headed this way.

Davy Jones, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz will be appearing at Fallsview Casino-Resort in Niagara Falls, Canada on June 11 and 12.

Not bad for a “band” that was originally assembled for the 1966 TV show that was created to capitalize on the success of the Beatles.

Dolenz, Jones, Tork and then band mate Mike Nesmith, week-after-week would find themselves in some odd situation or anther that would always feature one or two of the bands songs.

The show enjoyed a good run of success for two years as “MonkeeMania” gripped its fan base.

In that time, fueled by the creative juices of the song-writing duo of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, the Monkees charted several top 40 hits including “I’m a Believer”, “Daydream Believer”, “Last Train to Clarksville”, “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone” and “I Wanna Be Free.”

Again, an impressive run when you consider that most people viewed them as a pre-fabricated band and the boys often took jabs for not playing their own instruments on early recordings. It wasn’t until that they hit the road that they were truly able to prove that they were indeed very capable musicians.

After the demise of the TV show the band remained together as they tried to get away from their bubble gum image by delving into the psychedelic side of rock. But their major project, a movie called “Head” was a flop and by 1971 the Monkees were over.

The band saw their careers re-energize thanks to the “Monkee Marathon” that MTV show on February 23, 1986 to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the TV show.

The marathon, along with Nick-At-Nite rebroadcasting the series on a daily basis, helped spark a rebirth in the Monkees career as not only did “Baby Boomers” fall in love with the show all over again, in many cases so did their children and other people who weren’t even alive when the Monkees first hit the airwaves, were also swept up in the new wave of “MonkeeMania.”

The band, minus Nesmith, reunited for a 20th anniversary tour and even returned to the top 20 with the song “That Was Then, This Is Now.”

Some 25 years after that initial reunion, Dolenz, Jones and Tork are still making music and entertaining fans of all ages with the same silly, boyish charm and humor they had during the bands heyday.

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