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Davy Jones Living Happily Ever After

May 12, 2011 by  
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Davy and Jessica/Getty Images

He certainly looks happy, doesn’t he? Davy Jones is a happy Monkee. Find out why.

Meet a girl 32 years your junior doing ‘Cinderella’, fall in love in 3 weeks, pop the question. Happens everyday, right? It did to Davy Jones, who’s coming to The Fox Theatre in about a month with The Monkees reunion tour.

But it’s wife #3 Jessica Pacheco who’s made him into a believer. After 2 divorces and being stalked by Marcia Brady, we’re glad to hear Davy is happy, and can’t wait to see him and The Monkees in Detroit in June! Also: I would have loved to have seen the “Just Married” sign on the Monkee Mobile!

via The Monkees Davy Jones Living Happily Ever After.

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