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CONCERT REVUE: The Monkees at Wolf Trap

June 25, 2011 by  
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People say they monkey around, but they’re too busy singing!!

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, and Davy Jones, three of the original four Monkees took the stage at Wolf Trap on Sunday, June 19th and when I say “took the stage” I mean owned it, used it, and rocked the house. They played EVERY song they ever had. They are as animated now in their sixties as they were back in the 1960′s.

These 60+ year old men performed for two hours straight and didn’t miss a beat! They reminded me of what true performers are! No lip-synching, no big illusions to distract from a lack of actual talent. They sounded just like their original albums and were just as fun to watch as the original show that spawned their careers! There wasn’t a song that went by that didn’t have an audience member up and dancing. The best way to describe the concert is like a Fourth of July fireworks display. They illuminated the stage right from the get-go with “I’m A Believer”… and I was!

From there, they sang and talked, each one taking turns telling stories and singing. As an added treat, they had a big screen behind them showing videos that pertained to each song and time in their lives. They were all stand-outs and the only unfortunate omission was that of Mike Nesmith, who does not travel with The Monkees. The fireworks continued with the “boys” joking around and sharing the decades with us, each taking on a different instrument and even Micky scatting for us. The finale was one hit after another, with the crowd on their feet; the Grand Finale embodied everything they are to this day, singing “The Monkees Theme” and pretending to leave the stage, but one at a time “sneaking” back on, while the other two came to “drag” them off. They were still, “Monkee-ing around”! What an electrifying night!

In 1966 they were actors who were hired to portray a band on a television comedy and they successfully became the actual band and in 2011 they are still every bit that band!!! They are currently touring the country to celebrate their 45th Anniversary, if they are even two hours away from you, it’s worth the drive!

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