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Breaking News: Michael Nesmith Teases Monkees Reunion Tour?

August 7, 2012 by  
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On Facebook, Michael Nesmith has just put out a tease message, consisting of only these words:

“We may be coming to your town.”

There can be no doubt that this is a Monkees theme song lyric, and he could be referring to a Monkees reunion tour.

Although he has scheduled some solo dates in the UK, i find it very doubtful that he would use a Monkees lyric to tease more USA solo shows.

We will have to wait for further details, but he clearly wants us to speculate – so there it is!



3 Responses to “Breaking News: Michael Nesmith Teases Monkees Reunion Tour?”
  1. STEVE says:

    The Monkees have always been my favorite group. I saw three of them at Pompano Beach, Fl, long ago. But I always dreamed of seeing them all together. Now that I sadly lost one of them, if I had to beg Michael to get together with the other two and sing with them, I would do it. He doesn’t even know what it means for me and for thousands of people like me to see them all singing together. Please, Michael, sing with them at least once more. Michael, you are the Monkees, please, do it for us…

  2. brad says:

    got your wish

  3. MonkeesLover says:

    Its cool Mike’s going to go with them, I just have to go!!!

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