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BBC Radio Vintage Nesmith Concert

April 13, 2013 by  
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BBC Radio 6 has portions of a vintage 1975 concert with Michael Nesmith on their BBC Radio 6 Music Live Hour. The show also features performances by the Psychedelic Furs and Andy Fernbach. The program was broadcast on April 11th and will be steaming on the Radio 6 Music Archives till April 18th. Copy and click on the link to hear the program while it’s still available.


3 Responses to “BBC Radio Vintage Nesmith Concert”
  1. There was a download that appeared on ‘Dimeadozen’ a while ago taken from an old reel to reel tape (I think) of the original broadcast of this very show that was in lovely quality. Odd that it should be re-broadcast in even better quality now – but a couple of weeks later! I just ripped the broadcast and combined with the original tape sourced broadcast continuity have made possibly the definitive disc of this show, (for which I am very pleased)

    Am I breaking house rules in posting a download link for this if I were to upload it somewhere??

  2. brad says:

    you can send with yousendit, we can post it – we honor all requests to take down.

  3. fred.velez says:

    The link for the 1975 Nesmith concert ends tonight.

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