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Abrupt end of the Monkees tour leaves fans wondering why

August 9, 2011 by  
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The remaining dates of the Monkees 45th anniversary tour of the U.S. were canceled Monday. No official reason was given, but informed sources said the rest of the dates were not run by the group.

Reports had starting circulating earlier in the day that some or all of the dates had been cancelled. A posting on Davy Jones’ Facebook page was the first official word to confirm it. It read, in part, “After having contacted a representative of Davy Jones, it has been determined that the remainder of The Monkees 2011 tour HAS BEEN CANCELLED. No reason has been given at this time. When more information becomes available, it will be posted.”

No further information was available on what triggered the sudden cancellation.

Upcoming shows were listed on Ticketmaster for New York State, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey and Ohio. The tour started in England in May and hit the U.S. in June.

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